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Rumor: #18 Pick + Adonal Foyle for Jared Jeffries and Mardy Collins

If you aren't excited about tomorrow's draft, then you need to check your pulse. The Warriors are either throwing up an insane number of smoke screens or they're incredibly trade-happy. It looks like they're willing to move up, down, left, and right in this draft. Here's a rumored deal with the New York Knicks from Chad Ford of

The Knicks are trying to move up higher in the first round -- presumably to get their hands on Boston College's Sean Williams. According to sources, they've spoken with the Warriors about a deal that would net them the No. 18 pick if they'd be willing to take back Adonal Foyle's ridiculous contract. The Knicks could put a package together that included Jared Jeffries and Mardy Collins.

I like this trade for several reasons for the Warriors:

  • Foyle's horrendous contract will finally be off the books which hopefully makes it easier to retain Jason Richardson and extend Andris Biedrins or Monta Ellis.
  • I'm sick of the Denver Nuggets and their Monstars lineup beating up on the Warriors. There's no better Nugget Killer than Mardy Collins.
  • Jared Jeffries is an amazing all around talent that could easily net 20-5-5 in this league. (Just seeing if you're still reading.)

It's very interesting that Isiah Thomas is rumored to be infatuated with Sean Williams. Say what you want about Isiah's cap management skills or lack there of, but the man knows talent and knows how to draft. I wouldn't be too surprised if Williams turns out to be this draft's biggest sleeper. He could also be the draft's biggest headache, but only time will tell.

Would you trade the #18 pick and Adonal Foyle to the Knicks for Jared Jeffries, Mardy Collins, and parts?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

Props to Grandma for posting this up in a diary.


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