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Rumor: Warriors Not Happy with Monta Ellis' Maturity Level

If you told me Kevin Garnett, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Jermaine O'Neal, Paul Pierce, Lamar Odom or Jason Richardson were traded I'd be shocked. However, I'd be even more shocked if you told me about this [via Rotoworld]:

Don Nelson may have offered up Ellis to see what kind of response he would get from the Hawks, but it's quite possible he was never serious. However, RotoWorld has heard rumors that the Warriors aren't thrilled about the maturity of Ellis, not to mention the people he has surrounded himself with on a personal level.

Or even this [via RealGM message board posting]:

Don Nelson and Chris Mullin apparently don't get along with Monta Ellis, and Ellis is apparently an idiot of JR Rider proportions. They feel an implosion is imminent with the kid, either of ego, or stupid criminal incidents. They are also majorly enamored with Yi Jianlian, not necessarily because he'll be a huge star, but because he would generate untold millions in merchandise sales a la Yao in Houston. Also the SF met area has the highest percentage of Asians in the entire country..........makes sense.

Anyways, don't expect to see Ellis in a GS uniform next year. By all accounts he has done some things over the past 6 months which have left Mullin/Nelson wanting to ship him out sooner rather than later.

Just read some other threads here, and looks like there have not only been Atlanta rumors, but Memphis as well. Get used to it.......Ellis has worn out his welcome. I wish I had more specifics about the incidents.....maybe the success is going to his head? No idea.

I'm not really sure what to make about these rumors about the conflict between Nelson and Mullin with Ellis. I've never heard or read anything about this to date of this seriousness. I've heard Nellie detail his frustrations with Monta not running his plays and turning the ball over carelessly sometimes on the his radio show on KNBR 680 with the Razor and Mr. T, but nothing to this extent. I also remember checking out Monta's profile on Draft Express that rose some red flags about his character soon after the Warriors selected him in 2005, but they didn't seem to translate to anything we've seen or heard about the past 2 years of his NBA tenure:

His intangibles are also somewhat questionable. Ellis has consistently shown a poor attitude and immaturity, pouting when things don't go his way or when the ball isn't in his hands for more than 5 seconds. He refused to shake anyone's hand at the end of the McDonalds game, because he was mad at his coach for not giving him more minutes at the PG spot (see links). His body language on the court looks very poor at times, while his quotes in the media make him look like an extremely cocky and arrogant young man. If he's already so full of himself at this point, when basically no one outside of NBA draft circles and Mississippi State fans knows his name, what's he going to be like in 5 years?

You really have to wonder...

At any rate, Monta Ellis does not seem be least bit untouchable in the eyes of the Warriors' front office. I have a feeling he's the most likely Warrior to get dealt by tomorrow.

Have you heard or read anything about Monta's maturity level being a worry for the Warriors' organization?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

More Monta rumors:

UPDATE: Pree from Hoopsworld says Don't believe this stuff about Monta having issues with the team

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