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Rumor: Warriors Not Trading JRich for Bobcats' #8 Pick (Yi Jianlian)

It seems like a pretty well held assumption that the Bobcats will not be holding onto their lottery pick this year. Their reasoning is fairly solid- why get any younger especially when the team already has a young set of players and so much cap space to play around with? It looks as if the Warriors swung a deal with buddy Higgy and the Bobcats it would not involve Jason Richardson. From Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer:

Interesting a deal as it might have been, you can back off the speculation that Golden State Warriors guard Jason Richardson is headed to the Bobcats.  I know from a great source that the Warriors aren't moving Richardson to Charlotte to make a trade for Chinese pro Yi Jianlian happen. It is true that Yi could be slipping in the draft, and that's because he or his representatives are limiting where he'd agree to sign. I'm told he's reluctant to play anywhere east of Chicago, and last I checked Charlotte was East of the Windy City. That's limiting the teams willing to risk a high pick on him, which means he's a top-5 talent who could slip to 10 or lower.

The JRich Movement... The JRich Movement... The JRich Movement...

Are you interested in the Bobcats' #8 pick? Any good deals you can assemble?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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