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Rumor: Warriors Turned Down Monta Ellis for the Hawks' 11th Pick

Earlier today the Warriors were rumored to have Monta Ellis on the table for the Atlanta Hawks' #3 pick. Well unfortunately it looks like the potential deal with the Hawks might have been for their other pick. Here's what Sekou Smith from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution heard:

A potential deal with Golden State [with the Atlanta Hawks]- the main cogs being the 11th pick for Monta Ellis - is dead and gone, squashed by the Warriors from what I understand.

I have to say things are getting incredibly interesting on the Warriors' front. They don't seem to be content on maintaining the status quo by any stretch. Mullin and Nellie really seem to grasp that the West is only going to get tougher next season, especially if the Lakers somehow luck into a Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett pairing. There's no guarantee that the Warriors will even make it into the playoffs next season in the uber-loaded Western Conference. Mullie's working the phones hard and I'm glad to see that he's ready to make a bold move even if it involves MIP Monta Ellis.

Would you trade Monta Ellis for the Hawks' #11 pick?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

UPDATE: Also check out GSoM friend MT's piece Warriors back off plan to send Ellis to Hawks

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