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In the 2007 NBA Draft the Warriors will select...

The mock drafts have been fun (see We're Mocking You: NBA Mock Drafts 2007: 1st Edition | 2nd Edition | 3rd Edition) and the rumors have been a blast too. But throw it all out the door. None of that matters.

In the 2007 NBA Draft the Warriors will select...

Yi Jianlian!

Yi's so Bay-fitted...
He's already sporting the stunna shades!

Why? Because Yi is the people's choice- the people's champ.


We Believe Yi

Thanks to all 1,023 of you who voted in our 3rd annual Warriors' draft poll. You know what's at stake and you know your GSoM draft poll history.

By the way I'll give Yi extra props if he walks up to shake Commissioner Stern's hand sporting a We Believe t-shirt.

The official threads of Dub Nation.

The Yi Movement... The Yi Movement... The Yi Movement...

Will we go for the 3-peat here at GSoM with the Warriors selecting the winner of our annual draft community poll for the 3rd straight year?

The Yi Movement:

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