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Marco Belinelli on ESPN Live Chat Now

Check out Marco Belinelli in a live chat on ESPN. Oh wait it's over, here's the transcript:

cory (kansas): have you always wanted to be a basketball player?

MARCO BELINELLI: Yes, it's my dream. I've wanted to play basketball. Now it's my life.

joe (under a rock): will people stop asking about the paycheck, here i'll answer it, buy something. here is a question if you had one wish what would it be and why?

MARCO BELINELLI: It was to play in the NBA. Now it's to improve and really play well in the NBA.

fraz (sweden): are you afraid of american food?

MARCO BELINELLI: I know that Italian is the best food. American food is good. I can eat different cuisines here in the US.

Tony (Louisville): Whos one guy in the nba you look up too?

MARCO BELINELLI: I want to be like Kobe, but he is my favorite player. But I don't know.

Tj SIngh, Toronto: Marco, what do you think of about your comparison to a great SG like ray allen?

MARCO BELINELLI: I don't know. I am a streak shooter. I have to improve on that. I have to work hard.

MARCO BELINELLI: Today I realized my dream and will start a new life. I want to say thanks to all my fans.

BUZZMASTER: Thanks Marco!

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