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With the 46th pick in the 2k7 Draft, the Golden State Warriors take...


Courtesy UMass

From ESPN Player Profile:

Positives: Long, athletic jumping jack. Dominant defender. One of the best shot- blockers in college basketball. Excellent rebounder. Aggressive. Strong. Excellent quickness for a big man.

Negatives: Undersized. Has more of a center's game in a small forward's body. Raw offensively. He's good dunking the basketball around the basket, but doesn't have much in the way of post moves or a perimeter game. He doesn't have a great basketball IQ -- mainly because he hasn't been playing basketball for very long. One of the oldest prospects out there.

Summary: NBA scouts love athletic shot-blockers, but there are a lot of question marks about Lasme.

More on Stephane Lasme: NBA

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