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JRich or Die Flying

Well the Warriors did what many of us thought was unthinkable today by trading fan favorite Jason Richardson without netting a big name like Kevin Garnett or even Jermaine O'Neal. There's tons to talk about this move, but here's a few of my random unorganized thoughts a few hours after the Warriors traded the face of the franchise away:

  • Who cares about slashing payroll? Show me one game that cap space has ever won.
  • Any guesses as to how Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Matt Barnes, and Mickael Pietrus feel about this trade? I'm guessing not too happy.
  • This team had great chemistry last season. The chemistry was so great that it was able to overcome the gaping holes on this roster. This is a very risky move that could disrupt that great locker room and oncourt chemistry.
  • Whatever happened to winning NOW? Why give up a stud like JR who helps you out immediately for more young talent? I thought Nellie didn't want to wait around while a team grows up.
  • I could care the least bit about trading JR to make room for a Monta Ellis extension. Don't get me wrong I love watching Monta, but don't forget- Jason is the one who showed up in the playoffs when it mattered the most, not Monta. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't see Monta ever being as good as JRich. Neither are superstars or will ever be, but JR's heart, skillset, and chemistry are all a given.
  • Could the Warriors be any more out of touch with their fan base? I think it's time for the Warriors to hire some new marketing personnel. Today was a disaster for the Warriors' personal relations. No Yi and no more JRich. Painful. The Warriors just traded away one of our own- one of our fam.
  • Anyone else think the Warriors wouldn't have made this move to save money if Adonal Foyle wasn't inked to that absolutely foolish deal?
  • After the trade was official I was joking with Fantasy Junkie that we should try to return our season tickets for next year. Or maybe I was only half joking...
  • I'm proud to sport my now throwback #23 Jason Richardson Warriors' jerseys. Any day. Any time.
  • Jason- If you're reading this man, THANK YOU. Nuthin' but luv. TRUE WARRIOR... TRUE WARRIOR... TRUE WARRIOR...


There's plenty more to say of course, but I'll leave you with one of my all time favorite clips on YouTube:


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