Who's this new guy?? Stephan..stephon..oh stephane!

i really hope this guy develops, he sounds like everything the warriors need. He's a guy that doesn't need the ball on offense, and brings the energy and toughness inside. here's some information i could find on him.

from draftexpress:

Lasme may be quick enough to guard NBA small forwards and eventually strong enough to guard power forwards, somewhat like a mix between Udonis Haslem and Shawn Marion in terms of size and activity defensively. Stellar defense is always a good way to get yourself noticed by pro scouts and he is one of the nation's best defenders inside the paint. NBA coaches are usually looking for something very specific to bring off their bench in terms of skills, and Lasme has that with his hustle, defense and rebounding ability, as well as his attitude. Lasme certainly has the drive and the aggressiveness to wind up as a second round pick this summer, Defensively is where Lasme made his presence known, blocking shots in man-to-man and weakside situations around the basket, using his length and explosiveness the best way he could. He came from behind drivers going down the lane, blocked his man straight up in the post, and rotated over from the weakside to swat shots as well One of the more intriguing players seen at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, it's pretty clear that Stephane Lasme has been working pretty hard on his game since then. His shooting mechanics are the first thing that jumped out at us, showing a nice high release point, good footwork and a solid follow through. It didn't fall for him all that consistently (he seems to be thinking about his shot an awful lot), but he's obviously gone from a guy with no game at all outside of 5 feet of the basket to someone who is able to knock down a jumper for the most part if he's left open.

Lasme has some excellent physical attributes, including long arms, nice quickness, and plenty of explosiveness getting off his feet. He can dunk the ball with ease from some very tough angles, and is excellent at coming from the weak-side to challenge shots with his length. His lower body needs plenty of work (his legs are extremely skinny), as he might have trouble holding his spot on the block defensively and boxing out for rebounds until he can find a way to put more mass on

sounds good to me. He might go down to the D-league, but i hope not. Overall i think it was a good haul this year. Keep it up Mully.

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