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Rumor: Warriors and Bulls Want Yi

Earlier today Chad Ford dropped version 3.0 of his mock draft on (stay tuned for the 2nd Edition of We're Mocking You). In his mock draft Yi Jianlian of The Movement fame is slotted to go to the nuclear disaster that is the Boston Celtics with the #5 pick. BUT Ford sees the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls making it interesting:

This is a tough call since the future of the Celtics is so murky. Yi has the most upside at this point but also carries a significant risk that Celts boss Danny Ainge might not want to bear. And with Paul Pierce stumping for immediate help, it might be an unpopular pick.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Celtics traded the pick -- the Warriors and Bulls would like to move up here and grab Yi.

To Chi-town or Oaktown?

The Bulls are big on Yi:

The Bulls really want Yi, however, so don't be surprised if they try to move up a few spots in the draft to get him.

But so are the Dubs who Ford has taking 7 foot center Jason Smith from Colorado State:

Watch the Warriors closely. They are very high on Yi Jianlian and will try to move up in the draft.

If they can't, Smith is the perfect type of player for Nellie. He is tall and athletic, gets up and down the floor and can score from just about anywhere on the floor. He also plays with great energy. He could be a real sleeper in the draft.

If Ford's on the money it looks like the only thing that could stop the Warriors from bringing Yi's intriguing potential to the Bay is the Bulls. Depending on how serious the Bulls really are about getting Yi, they're in the driver's seat here. The Bulls have a high pick at #9 (thanks to Isiah Thomas) that could bring back a very nice player in a much hyped draft class, while the Warriors have a late mid-round pick at #18 that's usually good for nothing more than a crapshoot. Right now I'd say the Bulls will probably wind up with Yi, but you never know what can happen if We Believe Yi.

Which is the more likely destination for Yi, Chicago or the Bay Area?

Check out:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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