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Dwight Howard Endorses The Movement

The man child that is Dwight Howard is in many ways Baby Shaq. He's an absolute beast on the glass and throws it down like Shaq in his Orlando days where the backboard was simply at his mercy. Last season Howard was good for nearly 18 points a game and a shade over 12 rodmans a game. He has the potential to dominate the paint for years to come. If he can work on his passing especially against double teams and pick up a few more offensive moves, he could be an All NBA 1st teamer in the very near future.

Baby Shaq is currently touring China and running into some difficulties with the language, but one thing's for sure- he's feeling The Movement:

Howard also talked up 7-foot Chinese forward Yi Jianlian, who's expected to go in the first round of this month's NBA draft. Howard was the first choice overall three years ago, and the two faced each other last year in the World Basketball Championships in Japan.

It might happen again for real in next year's Olympics in Beijing.

"I think he's going to be one of the best rookies to come out this year in the draft," Howard said.

"He's pretty physical, he can shoot, and he's quick for a 7-footer. But coming to America for somebody from China or any other country, his biggest trouble will be off the court -- as far as learning the language and our culture."

The Black Yi Jianlian?

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Howard also had some nice things to say about that other Chinese guy in the NBA that some of you might have heard of:

Asked to name his top five NBA players, he named Yao Ming twice.

And who is his favorite tennis player?

"Yao Ming," Howard replied again, pausing for a few seconds for effect, and then substituting Roger Federer's name.

"I love Yao Ming," he said. "I love playing against him. We're probably going to be rivals until we retire from the NBA."

I never realized Yao was so good that he had two spots in the NBA's top five player list. I guess when you're that good getting out of the 1st round of the NBA playoffs doesn't mean much. (Yes, I still can't get over the Rockets losing to the Utah Classless- the fans, not the players- in that 7 game series this past May.)

Is Dwight Howard just hyping up Yi because he's in China or is he sincerely down with The Movement?

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