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Hype the Beard

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The other night I rolled through to the first ever Ballhype meetup in San Mateo. I have to say that among the thousands of great folks in attendance, the fellas from Fear the Beard- "The East Bay Culture Blog with a High Basketball IQ"- really stood out. I always thought my GSoM boys and I were throwback cool Warriors fans, but these cats got at least a decade of retro freshness on us.


Definitely make Fear the Bear a daily stop and don't sleep on their fly threads.


Be on the lookout for more FTB and GSoM collabos. Fear the future hyphyness my friends...

Special thanks to Jason and Erin Gurney of Ballhype fame for arranging the festivities and expensing the party material. Next year's is going to be even more hype.


Also see: GSoM, FTB and Ballhype together at last, world peace to follow. [Fear the Beard]

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