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HOT OR NOT - Throwback T-shirts?

Is this throwback worthy?

In this edition of "Hot or Not?", we take a trip down memory lane to the basketball days of the mid 90s where basketball shorts finally dipped to the knee, shimmer gear had become the equivalent to rayon as far as hot new fabric of basketball clothing, and a new generation of hip-hop ballers burst onto the scene with never seen before attitude and style.

But what about those old school And 1 t-shirts that were no doubt inspired by the aesthetics of this firmly established hip-hop generation?  Looking back, these were probably the basketball equivalent to No Fear shirts.  Their logo, a faceless but muscularly built topless basketball player, is both universal and alienating.  It both allows you to put your face on it.  But I could never vibe with the body of the figure, since I never saw my 5'7 135 lb high school frame in any of that.  

But the hilarity of the t-shirt lies in the "disses" that accompany these ambiguous looking figures.  

Here are some samples:

and 1 momma




I imagine some young kid running down after making a layup or jumper THEN reciting the phrase on his t-shirt to his opponent.  These t-shirts offered ways for young kinds to channel their inner Gary Payton on the courts.  Trash talking has never been so easy!  Well, as easy as $19.99 was for you or your parents wallet.  

So GSoM crew, those old enough to remember this t-shirt craze, did you rock these back in the day and would you rock them today?  Would you actually wear this on the courts now?  What did your And 1 t-shirt say?


Are these old And 1 T-Shirts HOT or NOT?

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