Eyes still on the prize?

Thought I'd promote Sleepy Freud's diary to the main page since he did a great job writing it up. -- FJ


The prize of course being Kevin Garnett.

Obviously Tim Kawakami still thinks so, but he's been banging the KG drum for so long he's starting to sound like those bongo-men on lower Sproul plaza, who I believe have been drumming nonstop since I graduated in 1990.

Today, UpperRiver (aka Kawakami) gets a little national support from ESPN's Marc Stein who lists us #2 of six possible destinations. Some apparently think the Wright deal was an aborted version of a KG blockbuster that was meant to go down on draft night.

Said one rival team executive who was likewise in the hunt: "Golden State thought they had KG."

The fact that we no longer have JRich's $11M salary to play with makes a deal a little more difficult, but, as has been discussed here, not impossible.

The Warriors' interest, however, remains undeterred. And they do have their own impressive cache of assets to force their way into any multi-team conversation, starting with coveted youngsters like Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and now Brandan Wright. Warriors vice president Chris Mullin has also created a good deal of payroll flexibility for himself by shedding Richardson, which created the $10 million trade exception Golden State could use to take back one of the Wolves' undesirable contracts (such as Marko Jaric or Troy Hudson) in a separate trade.

Stein personally thinks KG wouldn't want to come to the Bay (just a hunch, I think) but he closes with a promising quote from Kawakami:

my longtime colleague Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury-News, who hawks Mullin as closely as anyone, contends that pretty much every move Mully makes "is done with an eye towards improving their position in Garnett talks."

The strange thing is, as excited as I was that Wright might be a "stepping stone" to KG, a weird phenomenon happened once the shock of the deal had worn off. I felt like Wright was ... a Warrior. And I suddenly wasn't that excited about sending off a 19-year-old with such promise, as well as Monta and Al, for a 31-year-old max-contract superstar. From what I've read in recent diaries here, a lot of GSoMers feel the same.

Still ... the brain remains resolutely ABBB: "anybody but Baron or Biedrins." A nucleus of a healthy Baron, an improved, more muscular AB, and an undiminished 31-y.o. KG -- with Jax, Barnes, and a few other well-chosen role players -- puts us on a short list of 4 or 5 teams with a legit NBA title shot. If we can work a deal, and KG is game, we have to pull the trigger.

For those worried about mortgaging our long-term future ... well, we might as well just trade Baron now, while his value is high, since our future really shouldn't include a rickety 30-something BD making $20M a year. If people actually care about winning a championship -- as opposed to being a young, fun, scrappy team that looks cool in YouTube highlights -- the future is now. I'd miss Monta, and Harrington, and the pleasure of watching Wright develop into an NBA star. But sometimes you gotta bite the bullet.



Fantasy Junkie again: One last thing before I leave Sleepy's story alone. From the LA Times, Possible KG deals:

The Warriors jumped in with both feet on draft day, trading popular Jason Richardson to Charlotte for young Brandan Wright, whom they hadn't even worked out.

With Minnesota seeking prospects, the Warriors are now offering Wright, Monta Ellis and Patrick O'Bryant.

Minnesota is asking for Andris Biedrins. Golden State is offering Al Harrington instead and may also insist that Garnett waive his $6.5-million trade kicker, so it's not done yet.

Didn't even work out Brandan Wright? What that signals to me are two things.
1) Mullin thought Wright was falling and wanted to swoop in and get him. Basically get great value on a guy he figured would go top 5.
2) Wright was meant to be traded to a team with a star player on it (ahem KG).

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