Back-up PG minutes: Belinelli or Ellis?

Who would you like to see the Warriors run at back-up point next season?

After watching the second summer league game, I am now more impressed and hopeful about Belinelli's chances of making a serious impact for us next season.

His court vision and ability to thread the pass have been overlooked, in my opinion. Furthermore, his performances have aroused questioning within myself about the Warriors plans concerning he and Ellis.

Who will the Warriors use to man the back up PG position next season? Will it be Belinelli, or Ellis?

Who would you rather see get the minutes?

I would like to see this:

Baron and Monta starting alongside one another. This will provide us with a fast paced, bursting offense to start out the game. It could lead us to early fast break points, giving us a respectable lead by the end of the 1st quarter.

I would then substitute Baron for Belinelli, bringing Marco in as the PG. I hate repeating this but, Nelson loves mismatches. Marko will be able to shoot and pass over most any PG's around the league whenever he wants. He could make interior passes without the threat of getting the ball tipped and stolen. Judging by what we have seen so far, can you imagine that, Marko shooting over a 6-2 gaurd at will, or gunning to Biedrins?

It would also create mismatches for Ellis that would benefit him. He is faster and quicker than most any 2's in the league. His ballhandeling ability so far seems to match that of a 2 instead of point gaurd, and he prefers to drive and blow past defenders. With his ability to finish at the rim with contorting acrobatic lay-ups, it is obvious that his strengths are at the 2 spot, and no SG in the league will be able to gaurd him man to man.

I believe in Marko's ability to run the point without causing turnovers, and making outstanding mistakes. He is obviously a high IQ on the court, does not make careless passes, and knows how to read defenses. Moreover, his experience so far would help him the most in this area. His Ballhandeling is solid, having seen him avoid steals going threw the legs or behind the back comfortably. He also has the quickness and the handle to escape double teams and find a wide open man.

Two of the outstanding plays he made in the game vs. the 76er's confirmed my faith that he has ability to run this position.

Skill/I.Q. -

     On the fastbreak, we lobbed the ball down the court to Belli and his defender. He caught it behind the 3 pt. line near the sideline. He immediately looked up and recognized that his teamate, a big man, was the trailer ahead of the play. Marco's defender was also backed up, waiting to see if he would pass, drive, or shoot.
     Marco, realizing it would be hard to make a pass this way, threw up a pump fake to draw the defender in one more step. It worked. He now created a better angle to execute a pass. He then looked to see if the trailer's man was gaurding the pass. He wasnt, he was too busy chasing down the trailer and had his head turned. In an instant, Marco threw a crisp, chest pass that whizzed by the defenders ear and into the hands of the trailer for a dunk.

He clearly demonstrated the instincts needed to make the play. One more example:

Court vision/Decision making -

    Marco used the crossover to get by his defender, going left. He then drew a second defender, who was gaurding Bookie in the corner. He pulled up off one foot for a jumper, but realizing the shot was increasingly difficult, he remembered his open man behind him in the corner. He then whipped the ball behind his ear for a perfect kick out to Azubuike for a wide open three. Marco displayed that he has the instincts to make split decisions, and the court vision to see an offensive play happen in his mind the second before it actually does.

Ellis is an extraordinary talent. He seems to have more of an offensive mind set. Though he has shown flashes, and some ability to make the play. He is also listed at 6-4 and is long and skilled enough to be a dominant 2 in this league. Maybe the next Joe Dumars.

Who would you like to see the Warriors run at the Back up point next season?

I nominate Marco Belinelli. Start Monta at 2.

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