Pierre Pierce

Yo, after watching the game last night, I came away very impressed by Pierre Pierce.  I know he basically never passed (missed a wide-open Belinelli a few times), but you have to remember that this is summer league and (besides not really have a real offense to run) he wanted to show the coaches that he could hold his own.  I think it is pretty natural for a young player to be somewhat selfish in these situations.  However, I was very impressed by his pressure defense, size, and ability to finish.  Put it this way, if I was playing a pick-up game, I would take him about over Patrick O'Bryant (though the tallest guy I usually play with is 6'7, I still would take Pierce).  I think that this guy should get an invite to camp, at least because of his heart, toughness, and pure ability.  I was also impressed w/ Powell's boards, d, and even his offensive game....Lastly, is there a way to transfer the rest of POB's money to Brian Cusworth, because that guy is a superstar in the making...did you see that attempted charge he took? of the ugliest things i've ever seen...anyway, ya'll think pierre pierce has any chance of running with us this year? peace, dan (the artist formally known as dnalvare)

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