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Pierre Pierce spotlight on Truehoop

Today's edition of Truehoop contextualizes a little more the life of Warrior and NBA hopeful, Pierre Pierce.  In this article, "Player with a Past: Pierre Pierce," Truehoop attempts to give voice to this player who's past continues to shadow if not precede his game.   There is also much detail about his current situation that making his potential employee status in the NBA pretty tricky.

It has been mentioned several times in a few diaries that Pierre Pierce is a rapist or a sexual abuser and according to the law (the ruling in the court), he is.  There has been a discussion on GSoM about Pierce's skills, started by BeLEGENDelliAllDay. On probation until 2010, Pierce doesn't make any excuses for his behavior, but merely wants people to believe that he is a changed man given the rehabilitation process that he is still going through on a day to day basis, on his own, to prove he will not commit these same crimes in the future:

Just being home, the last six weeks, it has been good. It has been really good for me. The loss of freedom & It definitely humbled me. Made me wiser as a person. I made mistakes, and being locked up makes you really look forward to getting an opportunity to show you learned.

I read a lot of books. I also worked, on the recreation staff. I set up softball games, refereed basketball games. I even gained some respect for referees. That's a difficult job.

I have learned from my mistakes, definitely. I understand about taking responsibility for my actions. And personally, where I am right now, I never want to go back to that place again. Hopefully people can forgive me for those mistakes, and see me as the person I am, on and off the court.

It must be difficult job for Mullin to evaluate a potential talent like Pierce, where the stigma makes he seem like a constant threat to society.  But history aside, can Pierce ball at the next level?  

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