Scouting Report: Warriors vs. Sixers

Marco's ready like spaghetti! It's now two exceptional summer league games. I'm sold. Let's start the season tom!

Ok, just had to get the excited fan out of me. Now, let's get to work.

Of course we start with Marco Belinelli. He picked up where he left off two days ago, hitting a couple of perimeter shots early on.  He showed everybody for the 2nd game in a row that he can really light it up behind the arc. He also began the game very active defensively, something I didn't see much last game. He also read opponents better, tried to step into the passing lanes a couple of times and he was keeping his hands active in trying to swipe the ball. Although he lost it towards the end of both halves, I give him props for a better game defensively. He also attacked the basket more, although I want to see him finish those layups. (He got two layups blocked, and one clanged off the rim.)  

I want to end on a positive note  so I would like to come back on defense really quick. Marco showed he's  capable of being a more than decent defender. I think what's lacking on his game is intensity. I'm not making a big deal of it yet (since I don`t want him to go all out and get hurt), but it's something to keep an eye on. A lot of times, he's standing straight with arms on his waist. That's not really the body language you want from a player. He also tends to reach around the back of his opponents, a foul waiting to happen. I would like to see him stay in front of his defender and play some honest D.

While I feast on his defense, it's really hard to nit-pick on his game offensively. He's a great catch-and-shoot player who plays well without the ball. With Bdiddy and Sjax (even Monta) dominating the ball, it's invaluable to have guys who doesn't need to touch the ball unless it's going straight to the basket right after. And I just can't get enough of his passing skills. I think offensively, he's  a good compliment to Monta. A big guard who can handle the ball and find his teammates on the fly. They can also switch roles as Monta drives and dish to an open Belinelli. Did I mention the guy can flat out shoot? I'm truly excited to see him run with the Warriors' backcourt.

While Marco doesn't provide any help on what the team is truly lacking (rebounding, inside presence), based on his first two games, he'll fit in like a glove in this system. I still need to see how he responds to a cold shooting night. I've read reports about his tendency to get stuck in the perimeter and I've seen it the past two games. It's not a problem if he's hot, but I want to see what he does on an off-night.

Good hustle from the get go. He's playing to feed his family. If he works on that mid range jump shot he`ll definitely have a spot in the rotation next year. If he was already hitting them with some consistency ala Juwan Howard or Udonis Haslem, I'll be quick to say NO to the proposed KG trade. Powell has also done a good job around the basket at both ends of the floor. Blocking shots and fighting for both offensive and defensive rebounds. Now, if only his confidence to take a jump shot translate into made shots....

I like his hustle, he's the most active player for the Warriors (only Josh Powell can make a case for it). He's grabbing rebounds, pushing the ball, and attacking the basket. His long shot is falling as well. He will have the same impact that Matt Barnes had for us last year, maybe better.

This guy deserves an invite to training camp. Forget Mo or any MLE eating PG. Bring this guy in to camp and see if he can hold his own. If he does, we get another underpaid player who will work his ass off. He fills that 2nd/3rd string PG spot while we continue to witness Monta's development.

As for his game, I would like to see him improve his vision on the half court set. I like his decision-making in transition, but he missed Belinelli a couple of times while driving thru traffic.

It's almost half time. Where's notorious POB? Oh there he is. Wait, Patrick O'Bryant is a jump shooter? (Clangs another jump shot off the rim). I didn't think so. Where's the hook shot? The back to the basket game? A couple of dunks, finally some positives (glad he didn't miss those). And just when I thought he`s  turning the corner, he tried starting a fast break by throwing a lob pass the length of a football field.  

His game screams Adonal Foyle (although even Foyle had something on him: at least Foyle can block shots. POB's timing, at least for this game, is off.) that I thought sending him to the D-League last season was a good idea (The last thing I want is Foyle giving him tips at the end of the bench during games). Someone please introduce him to Andris Biedrins.

-Another player who deserves an invite, based on his performance so far, is Toby Bailey. He reminds me of Barnes in a way. Not much hustle, but has shown he can shoot the ball.
-I mourn on the fact that we drafted POB at #9 while a guy like Jason Smith barely made the top 20.
-I can only wish the line above ^^ will sound really stupid a couple of years from now.
-And finally, I would like to add that Corey Williams (#6 sporting a Mohawk) pisses me off.  He just flat out sucks. Plus, he looks like Shawty from Wild'N Out.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read. Also hopin it gets some front page considerations. ;p

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