Belinelli Scouting Clips

Our main man Rich Twu of the Dream League fame is holding it down in Vegas as our lead NBA Summer League correspondent. You saw his in depth analysis of Warrior rookie Marco Bellnelli just a few short days ago here on GSoM, but brace yourself as Rich drops science with some multimedia!

- Atma Brother #1


WARRIORS' NEXT SUMMER LEAGUE GAME IS IN 2.5 HOURS! You gotta tune in just to see Marco Belinelli play. Supposedly you can watch it for free on, but we'll see. Unfortunately, the game is not being broadcast on NBA TV.

I've finally had some time to update the clips I posted on YouTube. First off, I am highly disappointed that I couldn't find the clip of  Belinelli poking the ball out of someone hands and getting the trey on the ensuing fastbreak. I must have accidentally deleted it (hope you are appreciative of the fact that I clip almost every possession and lots of times, nothing happens, so I end up deleting it on the spot).

Over the past couple days since my In Vegas: Belinelli, Belinelli, Belinelli!!! post, I've been kind of asking myself, "Did I hype him up too much? Did I really see what I saw? Maybe I was making some things up."

Then, I spent the last 2 hours updating all the video clips I took of him and the Warriors' summer league team and everything came back. I now have proof.

And I also have an attempted tomahawk jam by Belinelli, which is why I assert: let the "Marco Polo" chants at Oracle begin!...

Here are the videos that stand out the most and backup my scouting report...

  • Quick release for three
  • Yes, Belinelli can drive past defenders
  • Warrior fast breaks will be worth 3 points in 2008
  • A bad turnover by Belinelli
  • Screen-and-roll Belinelli to Powell
  • Pick-and-roll: good staple for Belinelli in 2007-08
  • Belinelli catch-and-shoot
  • Belinelli can get to the hole
  • Left-handed behind-the-back to get past defender
  • And for those of you who were curious about Pierre Pierce, here you go:
  • Pierre Pierce stick-to-itiveness
  • Btw, let me know if any of the links are messed up. Haven't had time to double-check. The rest of my clips of the Warriors-Spurs game as well as the other games I caught, are under the account name dreamleague at YouTube.

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