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Warriors Officially Play Marco Polo

It's official. Today the Golden State Warriors signed their remaining 2007 draft pick Marco Belinelli to a contract [offical press release over at]. If you remember the Warriors' other 2 selections from the 2007 NBA Draft Brandan Wright and Stephane Lasme were signed almost 2 weeks ago. Belinelli has quickly become an enigma for Warriors Nation and within many NBA circles because of his stellar play in this past Vegas Summer League.

Marco to Commissioner David Stern: "Shhhhh... I'm going to light up your league next season commish."

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Il Tiratore (nickname coined here on GSoM by loyal community member Sleepy Freud) was even named to the NBA Summer League First Team. Last year's Warrior first rounder Patrick O'Bryant was... uh... not. Maybe POB needs to spend more time with Michael? Michael Jackson that is.

Who will make the biggest impact next season- Italian sharpshooter Marco Belinelli, the brace-faced athletic power forward Brandan Wright, darkhorse Stephane Lasme, or out of nowhere... Project O'Bust?

More Belinelli for your Nelliebelly!

UPDATE 4:39pm: CORRECTION- Il Tiratore was originally coined by the master herself Caught Backcourt. Sleepy Freud's creative web pin is a humble tribute to Caught Backcourt's brilliance.

GSoMers are unstoppable baby!

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