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GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Belinelli HYPE!!

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Aaaaand we’re back! And by, "we", I mean GSoM's YouTube Tuesday. So sit back, pop some corn, and enjoy our featured YouTube clip of the week.

Just remember, when popping corn, heat settings on different microwaves are variable. A simple pressing of the "popcorn" button can oft lead to a charred, smelly, and tasteless result. Your best bet is to listen to the pops. When the pops are spaced a few seconds apart, it’s time to take out the bag and enjoy the buttery (or kettley) goodness!
Okay, enough about that. With the latest hype around our Italian Warrior, it is a pretty safe assumption that Warriors fans nationwide would be creating highlight videos left and right. This week’s feature was created by P-40 productions.

If you get a chance, check out some of P-40’s other creations. He appears to be a huge Warriors fan and is no stranger to hype. Every time I watch one of his films I want to punch a wall. Which reminds me, what’s the best way to patch drywall?