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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Sarunas Jasikevicius

Sarunas Jasikevicius. The man. The 2 time Olympic Bronze medal winner. The misspelling. The free throw specialist. The 4 million dollar Thunder. The SUPERSTAR*.


SUPERSTAR* biography!

More goodies and Sarunas' complete 2006-2007 GSoM report card after the jump...

SUPERSTAR* endorsements!


Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: C-
The Warriors could have used some quality minutes from Sarunas to back up Baron. Unfortunately, besides one good game, he never got on track for his new team. He looked slow, had trouble finding his shot, and never seemed comfortable running the offense. That said, he took his demotion in stride and was the loudest guy on the bench. Not every guy can be an NBA superstar, but they can all be good teammates.

Fun Score: 8
Can we resign him as a member of the Hoop Troop?

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: D+
Sarunas didn't really pan out for the Dubs like I expected him to, but Nellie had an extremely short leash with him. I really wish Nellie could've found a way to use Sarunas in pick and roll situations as a shooter or take advantage of his high FT shooting clip (example: Game 2 in Utah) or even use him off the bench to spot Baron a little. Props to Sarunas for handling his benching with class and rooting his heart out Mark Madsen style for his teammates. His lack of speed and agility make him a poor fit for this version of Nellieball, so I don't expect him to be in a Warrior uniform next season. I'll miss his cheering on the bench next season and my spellchecker going nuts every time I attempt to type his last name.

Fun Score: 6
A great guy to have ON your bench!

Daniel Turman (Fear the Beard)  

Grade: D-
Sarunas, Sarunas, Sarunas. Oh how the Bay was prepared to embrace you. Just like Sarunas the first. Rooney. And just like we were prepared to embrace Donny J. back when Nash Bridges was but a promising pilot. But alas, it took only a few short months before I personally witnessed a camera-equipped canary yellow Plymouth Barracuda get booed while film rolled on Folsom Street in the city. And sadly, that too was your fate as a GS Dub. Thus, your grade. Straight stubble. [For more see Report Cards: Sarunas Jasikevicius. over at brother site Fear the Beard]

Fun Score:
Three kinds of crazy with the mad turnovers and brain fades. Damn, holmes. Rock protection!

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: B-
It's a little hard to grade a guy that barely played. I'm actually really surprised Nellie didn't utilize him more given that he can hit 3s and FTs better than just about anyone on the squad and in an offense that is all about chucking up 3s, this guy might have been golden. I loved Jassy's enthusiasm and cheering throughout the playoffs. Looks like Turiaf of the Lakers might have some competition when it comes to sideline cheering routines. Anyhow, I hope Jassy gets some minutes he might deserve elsewhere.

Fun Score: 8

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: F
We needed a backup point guard so Baron's body could rest. We needed a sharpshooter who could knock down the open 3. He was supposed to be both of those, but turned into neither. Nellie didn't even put him in as a free throw specialist in Game 2 of the Utah series with under a minute to go. This guy just didn't fit the system and just isn't a very good NBA player.

Fun Score: 5


Grade: C+
I can't hate too hard on Sarunas due to severe lack of playing time, but on the other hand, I can't say that I was too impressed with what I saw when he was on the court. Sitting in the shadows of Baron and Monta this year, he never pulled his game together enough to win the heart of Nelson or the fans. Lack of innovation due to lack of playing time? Or lack of playing time due to lack of innovation? The world may never know.

Fun Score: 4
The only fun thing about this cat was trying to say his name 10 times fast. And that got old pretty quick.


Grade: C-
Hard to give Sarunas a grade since he got warm-up rash (same as diaper rash) with all that inactivity. Can’t really blame him because Baron and Monta played so well, but it was disappointing because I had high hopes for him!

Fun Score: 2

Overall Grade: D+

Here's all of Sarunas' highlights as a Warrior this season in 2 minutes and 47 seconds:

Ooops! I forgot one:

For all you hardcore Sarunas Jasikevicius fans out there definitely check out his fan site Sarunas = SUPERSTAR!*


you can't tell me you weren't thinking this:

Well, putting aside Sarunas' SUPERSTAR* status for a second, the good man picked up his player option in late June for 4 million big ones for this upcoming NBA season. For a a third string point guard in the NBA as he himself has noted, he's getting paid too much. As an expiring contract Sarunas could be valuable in a major trade for our friend K to the G or could help net a solid player near the trading deadline. Sarunas is a much better fit for a slower paced team and could still turn out to be a fairly solid backup point guard. Nellieball just doesn't seem like a good match for him. Sarunas shouldn't be that hard to move at all and I'm expecting him to be traded fairly soon. When he does leave the Dubs, he will be sorely missed- not for being an international SUPERSTAR*, but for always being a FANtastic teammate.

Thank you Sarunas for being a great sport about your time with the Warriors. It's funny, but years down the line I'll remember your great energy and support for your teammates. When we saw you cheering your heart out for your buddies on the court, it just made everyone else at the Roaracle Arena and at home watching on TV root that much more loudly and passionately. You'll never be forgotten.

Will Sarunas last past the February 2008 NBA Trading deadline as a Warrior? If he finishes off the year as a Warrior do you think he'll ever escape from Nellie's doghouse?

2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards


* just not in the NBA

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