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Warrior Girl Auditions this Satuday!

It's that time of year, again. It's the second best thing in the summer besides the NBA Draft. It's as much hype as Bellinelli, Wright, Yi, and KG combined. It's more of a priority for our team than solidifying our frontcourt. It's the annual Warrior Girl auditions!

Wonder who will be in the calendar this year?

Dates and Times:

Initial Tryout: July 21, 2007
*Registration begins at 8:00 AM

Semi-finals: July 22, 2007
*Interviews and photo shoot will begin at 8:30 AM. All remaining finalists will perform the routine that was learned on July 21, 2007 when the interviews are completed at 1:30 PM.

ClubSport of San Ramon
350 Bollinger Canyon Lane
San Ramon, CA 94582

If you think you know how to work them hips...err...i mean, the crowd and are looking for a pretty sweet job cheering for one of the best teams in the NBA, then register HERE!

Also, if there is anyone with a ClubSport membership at the San Ramon branch and has time to check it out, we would love to get an update on this dance "summer league."

Channel your inner paparazzi and give our Warriors nation some updates!

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