Warriors Talk to Moore

The Warriors are rumored to have spoken with the representatives for Mikki Moore. People are saying that there hasn't been a contract offer and the Warriors are just seeing what it'll take to get Moore, who already told the Nets that he'll give them a hometown discount. The source is on staff with another team pursuing Moore.

Much like Barnes, Mikki is looking to get paid.

I don't think I like this .. this means there is no means for the team to get a SF in free agency and Barnes is gone. At the right price, Barnes is worth keeping, but using the MLE on Moore means Barnes is gone. S&T for MP2 is still possible.

Davis / Sarunas
Monta / Belinelli
Jackson / Azubuike
Harrington / Wright / Lasme
Biedrins / Moore / POB / Foyle

Pretty solid down low .. almost zero depth at the guard and swing man positions. That doesn't bode well for a Nellie team. Adding guards via Pietrus' S&T means a lot of extra salary, making the JRich trade almost silly to have executed.

I'd rather have the team give Barnes a fair deal, not all the MLE, then use the rest of the MLE on a big man.

I'm putting out an article about Warriors free agency later today after talking to people throughout the league.

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