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HOT OR NOT: GSW Posters?

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Looking for more Warriors merchandise to fill your room with? No need to look any further than Allposters.comto complete your collection of Warriors collectibles. We're all used to the classy "The City" inspired throwback gear, but what's up with these? Are these posters HOT OR NOT???

The bricks in the background give the Warriors their "street" cred. Either that, or its figurative for all their missed shots and freethrows.

This line-up reminds me of the film "Smokin' Aces." Aside from JRich and Ditty, its a bunch of c-grade talent all on one page.

In my opinion, these have got to be the two randomest Warrior posters, EVER. Really, what were people thinking putting Foyle and Dunleavy on the SAME poster. That's like a concert starring Pink and Celine Dion as headliners. I'm not just talking about looks either, we're talking about "talent" (or lacktherof). Anyways, would anyone actually own these posters? And would anyone buy these?

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