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GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Dude. Put the book down.

Hey there. Listen, I need you to check something out for me. For the last time, please please please, put that Harry Potter book down.

Yes. I know. You’ve explained the importance of the book to me about 30 times already, but it doesn’t take away from the sheer hyphiness of what I have to show you. Seriously. Put Harry down. He’s not going anywhere.

Dammit, LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING YOU! It’s freakin’ YouTube Tuesday and you’re going to waste it with your nose buried in the final chapter of the epic saga between Harry and Voldemort?! YouTube Tuesday only comes once a week! All I’m asking is for you to come and join the Muggle world for two seconds and check out quite possibly one of those most baller recaps of the ’07 NBA Playoffs that I’ve ever seen!

Thank you! Now, while the following footage may be devoid of Horcruxes and Death Eaters, it does happen to contain an extreme amount of hype and energy. Be warned however, that this video should not be viewed by anyone not capable of conjuring a corporeal Patronus in the face of a dementor.

Not that I’ve read the books myself or anything…

In all seriousness. Please be respectful if you really are reading the book. Post no spoilers here.

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