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Rumor: Pietrus may have other options

Okay great. As soon as I finish writing the post below this one, Rumor: Pietrus May Sign a 1 year, $3.4 mil deal with Warriors, Tim Kawakami writes that he's hearing Pietrus may have other options. Thanks Tim! He writes an interesting blog post. Below is the gist of it, but make sure to read the entire blog post to get Tim's perspective and analysis.

I heard from a member of the Mickael Pietrus camp a few hours ago, and he calmly but firmly thwacked at my conclusion that his client inevitably will have to accept the facts and sign the Warriors' $3.47M qualifying offer.

And he really protested my stance (blogged last night) that the Pietrus camp realizes it has zero realistic option and is resigned to accepting the one-year contract with the Warriors.

Pietrus' agent said that there has been outside interest, that the Warriors have turned down sign-and-trade deals that would've helped them, and that there could still be interest out there in his client-Miami and Cleveland (and possibly Dallas) being the teams at the forefront of that situation, I believe.

Are there other offers? I would think so, but he's restricted and I really can't see a team shelling out big bucks to him over more than a few years. He hasn't proven himself to be worth a long term deal nor a big money deal. All in all, I still think Pietrus is coming back. Teams can wait a year when he's an unrestricted free agent and sign him then. I don't think anyone is in a hurry to sign this guy, he won't put your team over the top.

Do you believe Pietrus' camp that he's got more offers? Is he coming back?

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