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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Mike Dunleavy

I'll be perfectly honest. It brings me great pleasure to compile the very last GSoM report card ever for Mike Dunleavy. Let's just get this thing over with fast. Consequently, there will be no Funleavy Foto Fun or goofy video "highlights" in this final Dunleavy GSoM report card.*

Hey! Remember this... guy?

He's the last Warrior to appear on a Wheaties box!
(Courtesy of Sleepy Freud, ca, 2006)

Proof that miracles can happen even for an Unstoppable Baby! franchise like the Warriors:

Here's what Nellie said about Gary St. Jean's #3 overall bust and Chris Mullin's 44 million dollar disaster back in training camp this past September [Nelson ready to shake up the Warrior]:

"He'll have his best years for me. He's a natural four, not a three."

"He won't have to worry about guarding smaller guys," Nelson said. "I see him as a unique piece, a point power forward running my team."

Point- 3.0 assists to 1.8 turnovers? Nope.

Power- 4.8 rebounds? Nope.

Running a team- with that lack of mental focus and desire? Or with that propensity to point fingers at coaches and other teammates when things go wrong? Nope.

Looking back I swear Nellie was just pulling our leg. There's no way he could've actually believed what he was projecting Dunleavy to do on the hardwood this past season. I still can't get over how he named Dunleavy co-captain at the beginning of the season. Was he playing mind tricks with the Pacers' "braintrust" Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird from day one?

Make the jump to see the rest of Mike Dunleavy's final GSoM report card.

You know I blame the parents.

I think my man Fantasy Junkie broke down Dunleavy's past season extremely well in the GSoM 2006-2007 midterm report card:

Disappointment is an understatement. Mike was finally playing for a coach that knew how to use him. He was going to play point and point forward. He was going to handle the ball more, distribute, set people up, and get more involved on offense. This was going to be his breakout year. So what happened? Nothing. Nothing happened. You know why? He's still Mike Dunleavy and no coach can change that.

Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: D-
As a parting shot after the trade, Junior said Warriors fans were "pathetic" for booing him. Funny, that's the exact same word I'd use to sum up his years with the Warriors.

Fun Score: 1
Remember the game a few years ago when he got kicked out, ripped off his jersey, and tossed it into the stands? That was fun.

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: D
Soon after Mike Dunleavy's self-hype in training camp and bold proclamations that former Warrior head coaches Eric Musselman and Mike Montgomery didn't use him right, he proceeded to do what most of us expected- get benched and booed. Unlike Monty who never held Dunleavy accountable for all those 0 point, 0 rebound, 0 assist, 0 steal, 0 block nights where he wasn't prepared or mentally focused, Nellie wasted no time yanking Mr. Silver Spoon from the starting lineup and dissing him on his weekly radio show. I'm just happy we don't have to hear Dunleavy, the Warrior organization, the local media, his dad, or his two fans make up anymore excuses and blame his poor play on his teammates and coaches. What does it tell you when the best fans in the NBA booed this guy every night? Oh well, now he's the Pacers problem- and a big one at that.

Fun Score: -10
The Funleavy Foto Fun and noting his poor play and attitude in every game recap was getting so tiresome. Thank god #3 miraculously happened. GOOD RIDDANCE.

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: C+
Even though he's gone, Yahoo images makes it easy to continue tracking Dun's anti-highlights (the Miami Jam-fest in Dun's grill at the end of the season are now staple highlights in NBA commercials). Many Warriors fans feared that Dun would blossom once-- like other Warriors we've managed to let go--we traded him. Surprisingly, Dun is probably the exception to that rule.

Fun Score: 10
10 for the Funleavy Fotos, but his game is -10. Ain't nothing funny about streaky shooting, poor decision making, and bad defense!

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: F
Good riddance. Looks like he made Indiana a better team. Maybe it's time to stop blaming the coach (Muss, Monty, Nellie) and look inwards.

Fun Score: 5
Funleavy Foto Fun


Grade: F
You ain't got to go home but you sure as hell can't stay here! PEACE!!! F.

Fun Score:
Don't ask me! Ask the Indiana Victims!- sorry, Pacers.

Overall Grade: D-

Also see Mike Dunleavy's 2005-2006 GSoM Report Card (D)

In remembrance of the good ol' times we bring you some more of that good ol' Funleavy Foto Fun for you and your family! (Actually, those times were terrible for Warriors Nation. If it weren't for the AP and Getty photographers I have no idea how we'd write those recaps during that painful 2005-2006 Golden State Warriors season.) Anyhow you know the saying...




(Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)



(Photo by Victor Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

But wait... there's more! Check out this extremely rare footage of Dunleavy showcasing his high hoops IQ and great all around game in a Warriors jersey this past season:

RARE FOOTAGE: Dunstrongy taking it to the hole strong!


RARE FOOTAGE: Dunclutchy comes through in the clutch!


RARE FOOTAGE: Dunoopleavy throws down an alley oop!


BONUS RARE FOOTAGE: Two Dunleavy fans do the "Mike Dunleeevay"!


Well that's enough Funleavy Foto Fun and "highlights" to last a lifetime- well, at least till the Warriors put the smack down on the Indiana Posers next season in Indy and in Oakland.

In the tradition of Robert Parish, Antawn Jamison, Gilbert Arenas and many more, it was nice to see Dunleavy "blossom" when he went over to the Pacers. If you can believe it, his 3pt % actually dipped to a lower rate than his 2005-2006 season with the Warriors in which he was airballing wide open shots left and right. All across the board his numbers only improved marginally despite becoming a full time starter again and playing 8 and a half more minutes a game (more undeserved playing time!). New Pacers head coach Jim O'Brien doesn't have much of a problem with his players chucking up 3's without a conscious, but anyone want to bet that rule doesn't apply to this supposed "shooter" by January of next season?

Two All-Time Warrior... well, somethings.

Where does Mike Dunleavy rank as far as all time Warrior draft pick busts? Where does he rank as far as most disliked Warrior players of all time?

Was this temper tantrum actually the highlight of Mike's career with the Warriors?
[510isBack ]

2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards


* Okay, I lied, but the man should've been smarter than to try and diss the best fans in the NBA after he was shoveled off onto the Posers.

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