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Homer Simpson Signs with the Golden State Warriors

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What will The Simpsons contribute to the team? D'oh!

With the excitement boomin' in the streets over the new Simpsons Movie, I figure I'd have fun with it and add to the hype by bringing Homer to Golden State... or at least have him rock a "City" jersey! (Hmmm... just the thought of him coming off the bench would be disastrous! D'oh!)

With all due respect, I think this was the first time I've ever drawn a Simpsons character. They have a bunch of sites that have "build your own Simpsons characters" but there's always a catch. I wanted to see how long it would take to make my own Homer Simpson on my terms, so I took a stab at making one just for kicks- come to think of it, it was hard as hell. I didn't wanna disrespect the franchise so every outline, color (thank goodness no shadows!), and bodily proportion had to be exact.

Ta-dow! It's done! Have fun with it, I told Atma the day I started, I'd post little exclusives and freebie's out of the GSoM camp to our loyal readers. Use it as a wallpaper or show your friends that Homer Simpson is down with the Dubz! It's all fun!

(Yo, please don't spoil the movie, I'm going to cop a get together with the crew on Monday for it)

Enjoy- Tony.psd

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