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WHAT IF... Kevin Garnett joined Golden State?

"What if... Golden State of Mind actually published a comic book?"

What's up everybody? I grew up reading a lot of comic books (which I guess is the reason why I draw a lot.) One of my favorite comic books as a kid was called What If... The series began with the Watcher recapping a notable event in the Marvel Universe and then demonstrating what would happen if events had taken a different course and with a different point of view. I grew up to great stories like "What if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four?" or "What if The Punisher's Family never died?" These "What if" scenario's never ruined the continuity of the books I read, it just gave it a twist in how I  perceived my favorite characters.

This is a new segment I want to try once in a while here at GSoM. It's just a concept for now, but what was featured in Marvel Comic Books can be viewed the same way with the Golden State Warriors! Backed up with a spoofed "What if..." cover!

"WHAT IF... Kevin Garnett joined Golden State?" is an open discussion that simply ask's "what if... it happened?" For several month's now, there hasn't been one bigger discussion than the possibility of KG coming to the Bay. No matter how old the story gets, It's a popular discussion at GSoM that just won't die. I've never contributed an article on KG joining, just comments, but if anything I want to tackle the subject... with visuals!

What if KG did join the Dubz?" How would he fit in? Who would leave? Who would stay? How would the fan's react? What would Mullin do? All of these subjects have been mentioned on the main blog or in someone's diary, but honestly in your opinion, "What do you think would happen?" There's no wrong answer and no need for negative comments- everything's set up in the "What if..." scenario! It's just a new way in seeing different views! Also, it's probably the only time I'll get to Draw KG in a Dubz Jersey! If this "What if..." series goes well, you'll see more of it from me. Who knows... you may see a "What if Don Nelson Lost Weight?" or "What if... J-Rich never left the Dubz?" or maybe even a "What if... Boom Dizzle Married Jessica Alba!?" Share your theories!

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