What's the new dream?

This idea was touched on in the KG diary, but seems like it deserves its own. Since KG is all but officially a Celtic, what impact player can we now dream about getting? Obviously, the chances of us getting a Gooden/Varejao type is more likely than getting an impact forward, but that is a lot less fun to talk about sometimes. So, put on your imagination caps kids, here we go:

Shawn Marion:
Gives you 10 boards, 1.5 blocks and 18 points a night. Solves rebounding issues and helps with post D, though isn't quite a Boozer-stopper.

PHX wants to cut salary and is afraid he might opt out next summer. They have shown this offseason that Matrix is clearly expendable and Amare clearly is not, which makes it obvious who will eventually go. PHX also has a shortage of young talent and expiring salaries, so:

Harrington, Runas's expiring, POB's expiring and Wright (maybe throw in a pick) for Matrix with an extension built into the deal

Elton Brand:
One of the most solid, protypical (other than his height) PF's in the league, nuff said. He is also a year younger than Matrix.

Clips would be wise to read the writing on the Western conference wall and just start rebuilding now. With the likely loss of Livingston (at least temporarily), they need a young guard and if rebuilding could use more young talent to boot. So:

Monta, Runas and POB's $6 mil combined, Harrington for Brand with an extension

Could be great in Nellie's system or could have another terrible season and subsequent meltdown. For that reason, we only pull the trigger if it is for the right price.

Utah knows how nuts he is and their patience seems to be wearing thin so they might ship him out for the right price. Also, though they are $4mil under the cap, they have very little expiring $ for next year and they will have to re-sign Milsap and Williams soon. So:

Harrington, POB and Runas and a conditional draft pick for AK. They get expiring $ for this year and next.

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