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FRIDAY AUGUST 3rd: Warrior Girl Procedurial Protest

Some of you have been following some of the developments of the recent Warriors dance team's extreme makeover.  Thank you to Spidz's for the diary, "Warriors girl conspiricy!!!," JmakemeRichinlasvegas for "Warrior Girls Updates," and warriorgirl for "Warrior Girls: the Truth" for their updates.  In short summary, the allegations are that the changes in this area of the Warriors organization, in part brought on by new dance director Susan Hovey, has led to the unfair treatment of many, now former, Warrior girls.  In the most recent developments, the Angry Warrior Girl Fans group are organizing a speak out against the Warriors organizations and the unfair treatment they have shown to these particular loyal employees. This event will definitely provide some more details to these unsettling changes in the Warriors organization.  Here are the details:

WHAT: Warrior Girl procedurial protest
WHEN: Friday, August 3rd, 3PM
WHERE: in front of Oakland Convention Center (or in Front of the Warriors office?)

Several hundred Warrior fans will meet in front of the Oakland Convention
Center to demonstrate the injustice the Warriors have shown towards former
Warrior Girl team members. The new team was selected in an unfair manner.
We will bring signs and make our voices heard.


If you are able to make this, please show our friends some support (as many have already on this blog)!   Like many of us, many of the ex-Warrior girls have stuck through the Warriors through thick and thin and helped made our Warriors experiences that much better!  

Thanks to Angry Warrior Girls Fan group for the information.  Could someone please confirm details on the location just in case?  Also feel free to continue sharing your support in the threads listed above or in this one.

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