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Link: KG Gone, Other Possibilities?

The KG to Boston trade is 99% of the way there, but the Warriors still have a hole down low. As is, the Warriors could try to fill it with Al Harrington as they did last year and when he needs a rest, Brandan Wright. But unless Al Harrington suddenly turned into a consistent rebounding, shot blocking, defensive presence down low, the roster is flawed and may not get the Warriors into the playoffs. So what's a GM to do? Marcus Thompson has some suggestions in his Plan B.

There are quite a bit of options out there, though none are as exciting as Garnett, who seemed to be a perfect fit for the Warriors' needs. The Warriors have a $10M trade exception to play with from the Jason Richardson deal, and perhaps a lottery pick they may not want (if you believe the rumors that the Warriors didn't want Brandan Wright, but just wanted to use Charlotte's No. 8 as a pawn to get KG).

Check out the article to see who he thinks are potential future Warriors.

Also drop by Lifelong's diary, What's the new dream?, and the comments within it for an interesting discussion on some potential players.

The players that Marcus lists aren't top players. All have some flaws, but are big and can rebound. Which of the players mentioned in the article would you prefer?

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