Question for the Crew: Will Nellie Return?

Hey folks,

A few pessimistic thoughts have been invading our community since the devastating news of recent days (I must say, since learning that KG will be a Celtic, I don't have quite the same spring in my step), but the most disheartening thought I have heard is the presumption that, now that we are not quite a championship contender, our dear coach Don Nelson will not return to guide our run-and-shoot brigade.  Can there be any truth to this rumor?  (Or, as AtmaBrotherOne promises, can we take solace in the fact that 99% of rumors are untrue?)

Personally, I can't quite imagine that Nellie requires KG to continue coaching.  A few more million dollars in his contract should suffice.  He still has a competitive team with a nice point guard, some exciting swing players, a promising young center, a potentially-awesome rookie power forward, and the possibility of further additions between now and the beginning of the season.  Plus, he can live in the Bay during the season, he has his buddy Mullie at the helm, and most of all there is the big question - what else is he going to do?

(Now, I do have some friends who are big fans of the Celtic Nation who have been wishing for Nellie to come east for a year or so now.  The Celtics are not built for Nellie-ball, and I can't imagine him selling us down the river in such a way.  In fact, I will say nothing more of it.)

If Nellie goes, I may be tempted to become a leprechaun-lover, for no other reason than Boston has my two of my favorite players - KG and Leon Powe.  But for now, I am still excited.  I love B-Diddy, Barnes, and Steve Jax.  Monta and Beans still have a ways to grow.  Wright has potential.  Bellinelli may be what we have been looking for.  

I'm hoping for the best with all of this, but I'm interested to hear what you think.  Does anyone have information to share on this?

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