JRich Still Shocked, Angry

Fantasy Junkie here and I'm going to hijack this diary to post on the main page. Thanks to xoverdribble for posting the link in the diaries. Here's the original diary.

Check out Marcus Thompson's article on JRich's reaction to the trade:

Obviously, he wasn't very happy about the trade. Shows how much he cared for the team. I'm glad he's starting to look forward to his new challenge at Charlotte. I'll be rooting for Charlotte as long as JRich is there.

But in an effort to clean up the diaries and not lose the comments, I'm taking it off of there, and putting it up here with my own thoughts. So it's my thoughts from here on out.

The dunk that closed off the Mavs

We've covered some of our thoughts on how the JRich trade went down but haven't heard his side of the story and how it went down. Apparently, he felt betrayed and was angry by Mullin's actions. Marcus Thompson II recently wrote an article with some very interesting quotes, J-Rich still shocked, angry about trade. I'm know there always two sides to a story, but here's the perspective from the player's side.

"I understand it's a business," Richardson said. "I was kind of thrown off about the way they went about the situation. (I would've preferred) they inform me that they were trying to trade me. We kind of knew all along that I was going to be the one to get moved. But all along, it was 'Jason is the franchise, he's this, he's that. ... He's not going anywhere.'"

It doesn't seem like Mullin gave the face of the franchise for the previous 5 years, the right send off. If that was me, I would feel betrayed too. I pour my heart and soul into a company for 6 years, they tell me they want to keep me, and then boom, I'm gone. Mullin should have told him straight up, "JRich we're looking to trade you." It wasn't like it was a secret that JRich was being shopped. We had countless rumors on the site with JRich going this place and that. Just be up front with the guy who has kept the fans around and worked his butt off for you and the organization. But I guess that's Mullin's M.O., only he and his inner circle can really know what's going on. Anyone outside of that circle are told lies to throw them off, including players, media, fans, etc. Expect the unexpected from Mullin and co.

But JRich is looking towards his future and embracing the new situation. Like I said before, Michael Jordan is going to make him a better player. He'll be learning from the best 2-guard ever and the best player ever. Plus, he's Jordan's biggest investment as the new decision maker so he does not want to look bad on this one. I'm sure he'll push JRich hard and refine his game.

"I didn't know M.J. wanted me like that," Richardson. "There's no better feeling to me than winning, and he's the same way. A lot of people can't take that (pressure) from him, that's why I think other players have had problems. It's going to be a challenge for me. I know I'm not close to his level, but how many people would turn down the opportunity to learn from the best that ever played?"

Then the article turned to a reflection of his time spent in the Yay and the appreciation he had for us fans.

"I had so much love for that team, for that city, because of the fans," he said. "From the time I was drafted until the time I got traded, they supported me. You always want that, to remain with a team your whole career. You get accustomed to the city, you buy a house there, you get a good fan base.

"You always envision that. But how many guys actually finish with the team they start? ... I just want to say thanks to them. Thanks for the love, and I love them."

Nothin but respect for the man. Good luck to JR in Charlotte. He can lead that team to the playoffs provided we don't steal GWallace from them (but I hope we do). I'll be at the Charlotte game when JRich returns. Will he go nuts and drop 50? Probably not. But it will definitely be a fun game to be at. Definitely check out the article if you're still a JRich fan.

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