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MT Talks to JRich

GSoM friend Marcus Thompson from the Contra Costa Times spoke to Jason Richardson at length about the trade on Tuesday. JRich understandably sounds angry and betrayed. Regardless of your thoughts on the trade MT's article and blog post are more than worth the price of a click:

There's a ton of interesting quotes in MT's pieces, but this one struck me the most:

Richardson also pointed out that he rushed back from knee surgery last season, despite a teammate telling him not to risk future injury, because he wanted to deliver on his playoff promise at the end of 2005-06.

"I know you're not supposed to do that," Richardson said, referring to an unwritten player code, "but I played hurt for a franchise. I put my career on the line for the sake of the franchise. That's just how I am. I'm loyal. I was expecting them to be loyal to me."

Most people are forgetting Richardson's admirable return from that knee injury in their analysis of the trade. It severely hurt his productivity level, but you have to love a guy who put it all on the line for the team and the fans in this day and age in sports. The ratio of guys like Erick Dampier who "take their time" recovering from injuries to hard workers like JR isn't exactly 1:1. The apology letter Jason organized after the painful 2005-2006 season came straight from the heart and the amount of effort he poured in simply to live up to his playoff promise to the fans is incredible.

Again, thanks Jason.

Never forgotten.

It's also cool to read MT's reflection on his experiences with Jason while he was a Warrior:

Anyway, I certainly am going to miss JR, though I think it was a smart move by Mullin. J-Rich was my guy, as the other media members liked to say. I was the butt of so many of his practical jokes. He never got too big headed. He was always down to earth. He never shunned us, no matter how bad he played or the team played. He was there to talk to us, win or lose. Plus, you could always go to him and just chop it up about anything. You can't do that with Baron, or most stars in the league.

Also see:

Thanks to loyal GSoM community member xoverdribble for posting this up in a diary.

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