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Free Agent News

So what's going on in the world of free agency and how does it affect the Warriors?

Darko Milicic
The signing of Rashard Lewis to that ridiculous contract has made Darko expendable by the Magic as they've pulled their initial qualifying offer off the table. Apparently he's on Don Nelson's list of big men to pursue this year. I've never really been impressed with him and I think people are still caught up on his potential. If the Warriors were to sign him, he'll only be blocking the development of Brandan Wright (if he's still on the team) and we'll certainly have to overpay for an average big man. I think he'll play better in Nellie's system than in Orlando, but depending on his contract, I don't think it's worth the risk especially if it's 4-5 year deal.

Darko Milicic, anybody? Mr. Enigma isn't everybody's cup of tea, but I've heard that he's on Nelson's maybe-list for big-man pursuit. Milicic is very available now that Orlando has agreed to sign Rashard Lewis and pulled its offer for Milicic.

If the Kevin Garnett talks stall again, or if Mullin and Nelson conjure ideas of a KG/Darko front line, Milicic could be a big Warriors factor.

Matt Barnes and Mickael Pietrus
Both players are being pursued by the Miami Heat. Dallas is also reportedly in the mix for Barnes. I would like to keep both around at the right price starting with Barnes and then Pietrus for a little cheaper. We'll probably only be able to keep one at most. Losing both will kill our depth, but I have confidence that Mullin can find someone to fill in.

The Miami Heat has contacted agents for several small forwards, including, among others, Mo Peterson (Toronto Raptors), and Golden State Warriors Matt Barnes and Mickael Pietrus, while maintaining dialogue with James Posey.

Kevin Garnett
Guess who's entered (again) into the KG sweepstakes? Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks are after the superstar.

Mark Cuban is confirming on the record to that he is involving the Mavs in the Kevin Garnett Sweepstakes "because this is about trying to be opportunistic,'' says the team owner, adding that Dallas' willingness to pursue this deal is not a permanent change in overall philosophy but rather something "dependent on the situation.''

KG could really swing the balance of power in the Western Conference. He's rumored to be going to the Mavs, Suns, Lakers, or Warriors. If either of these teams pick him up, they'll instantly become legit contenders to knock San Antonio from their throne.

Kosta Perovic
In non-free agent news, the Warriors are about to bring Kosta Coast over to the NBA.

"He's jumping out of his skin and so are we," Duffy said. "It's been a long journey and he's excited to get here. ... This was about the right move at the first time of his career."

"It was his full objective to get to Golden State," said Duffy, who wouldn't go into specifics but described Pervoic's contract as being "pretty creative" and "well north of a conventional second-round contract."

Of course, his Serbian boss isn't too happy about the move which means he won't be playing for the national team.
The president of Serbia's basketball association, Dragan Kapicic, has been stung by Perovic's withdrawal, and that of FMP guard Zoran Erceg.

"Some of those individuals have publicly said to their people, 'We don't care about you, or your needs'," Kapicic said.

"It is a shameful attitude to our nation. "We are in a situation that, almost, players could easily say, 'Well... if I don't go with my girlfriend to the movie, I think I'll be available for the national team'. That's a huge impact on our state, on our sport, on single thing that was holy for us all these years ."

I find the girlfriend analogy funny and also confusing, not sure how it applies here. Anyways, I can understand the anger the Kapicic has towards the players leaving the national team. Outside of the USA, when your best players are not playing for your country, it's going to hit you hard. It's not clear why Kosta can't play in the NBA and on the national team, but it's clear he's looking out for #1, himself first.

Luxury Tax?
Are the Warriors really willing to exceed the salary cap and pay the luxury tax that goes along with it? According to President Robert Rowell, the team is willing to exceed the cap.

"I've always said this team will pay a tax if we're in a position to put a team out on the court that's going to compete at the highest level possible," Rowell said. "I'll also back up and say that in the history of who's won championships in this league, the San Antonio Spurs have won four championships and they've paid tax once. ... So it's very doable."

This brings up all kinds of possibilities. I'll have to see it to believe it, but if the Warriors are willing to exceed the cap, then signing GWallace, Biedrins, and Monta could be a possibility. Hmmm...

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