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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Mickael Pietrus

Back in training camp before the season began Mickael worked his butt off in practice and impressed Don Nelson so much that he won the starting 3 spot. When the Charmin soft DunMurphy tandem got benched early on, MP2 was still standing as a starter for Nellie before the Warriors' highway robbery of the Indiana Pacers. Because Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy are well, Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy, Nellie had this 6-6 swingmen playing power foward many times. Although he was severely outsized Mickael hung in there tough.

MP2 set career highs in each of the following categories:

  • Points with 11.1ppg
  • Rebounds with 4.5rpg
  • Blocks (0.8) and Steals (0.7)
  • Shooting- 38.8% from downtown and 48.8% overall

The problem is that still unfortunately didn't add up to all that much.

But let's give Michael (as TNT's Dick Stockton would call him) some major props for always trying to make things fun. He's a flashy and exciting crowd pleaser. Seriously take a look at these clips:

(Please ante up and turn down your speakers if you're under 18)

If only you got extra points for highlights!

If only he did this more!

A sweet trifecta against the 1st round exit Mavs.

Air France flies higher than any old jet in Oakland.

Hey Dick! It's "MICKAEL".

Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: C
I'm really conflicted on MP2. On the one hand, he plays good on the ball defense, can occasionally hit the corner three, and did improve his decision making (albeit very little). On the other hand, that decision making didn't improve enough from last year. His basketball IQ is still very low and I'm not sure if it will go up much more. He is what he is. Sometimes he's a joy to watch if he strokes the 3, but can be a horror show if he continues to launch threes when he's cold.

Fun Score: 5

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: B-
Mickael's still a fun guy who pumps up the crowd with his energy and streaky shooting from downtown, but he still pumps up the other team every time he steps out of bounds, runs the wrong play, or makes some other silly mistake. I don't know if he really improved this season or if Nellie just gave him more of a fair chance than Monty ever did. Still, Pietrus deserves all the credit in the world for playing out of position so often when Nellie had limited options with the injuries and the Murphleavy disappearing act. The man never complained and had a great attitude. Pietrus is an excellent 7th or 8th man off the bench for a winning ballclub, but I'm not sold on him being anything more than that during the rest of his NBA career.

Fun Score: 8
MP2 is incredibly funny, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Daniel Turman (Fear the Beard)  

Grade: C+
The appetizer was inviting and tempted the palette. It showed newfound maturity and a newfound synergy with the menu as a whole. And far less Dunleavening. The soup and salad courses were uneven, but mostly because they were so important, sans J-Rich. Then the main course arrives. Chef Pietrus showed moments of greatness during the entree, but overall it was just not that well thought out or particularly filling. And finally, we come to the dessert, which appears to have been prepared by the busboy, while the chef was out back smokin' a doob with the maitre 'd. I'm sorry Chef P., but the overall verdict is the same as it was last time we visited your establishment: two and a half stars. [For more see Report Cards: Mickael Pietrus. over at brother site Fear the Beard]

Fun Score: 4

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: C+
Although averaging more points, rebounds, and minutes this season under Nelson's tutelage, Pietrus' intriguing athletic ability was tempered by his boneheaded plays. It was unbearable. But when he put it all together (like a few games in the Dallas playoff series) -- playing strong defense, hitting the boards hard, etc -- it often left you wondering if he could be a consistent contributor. Like Dunleavy though, I think we've had enough of his inconsistencies.

Fun Score: 3

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: C+
This was the year for Pietrus to grow up. He didn't. His defense, three point shooting, and locker room presence were key for the Ws at times this year, but he hurt the team with his mistakes as much as he helped it. You'd figure after turning the ball over 397 straight times driving to the lane, you might stop. Not MP. Some team will throw him money this off-season. I'm guessing it won't be the Ws.

Fun Score: 7
Crowd surfing after disposing of Dallas at home scored him some major points.


Grade: D
Two words: Free throws. 'nuff said.

Fun Score: 0
The only thing consistent about MP2 this year was inconsistency.

Overall Grade: C

Also see Mickael Pietrus' 2005-2006 GSoM Report Card

MP2 is a restricted free agent and many folks don't see the Warriors retaining him. His charisma and goofiness will be sorely missed if he does end up playing elsewhere next season.

Something tells me this kid doesn't want Mickael in his Fav 5- but I'll put him in mine any day!

Mickael's the life of the party!

Haha, the man cracks me up every time!

The images of Mickael leading the rest of the fellas out of the locker room during the playoffs in Oakland while holding a We Believe tee and him crowd surfing after the Warriors shocked the world will always remain vibrant in my mind. Best of luck to Mickael whatever happens this offseason.

What does the future hold for Mickael Pietrus? Do you think he'll be a Warrior next season? If not, where do you see Air France landing?

2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards


Grade: C
I had high hopes for Pietrus this year and it seems like he didn’t really improve. Yes, he was injured, but I’m waiting for the day when his skill matches his potential. All those three’s drove me crazy, but he always made up for it on the defensive end. I’ll be surprised if we get to keep him.

Fun Score: 7

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