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Wright Sitting out Summer League

Janny Hu of SF Gate is live in Las Vegas covering the NBA Summer League. She's got our first bit of disappointing info regarding one of the newest Warriors.

Brandan Wright, the Warriors' top draft pick, is going to miss part (and possibly all) of summer league. Though Wright was cleared to practice last night after the Jason Richardson trade went through, he's being held out due to a strained right hip flexor. The Warriors are calling it a precautionary move and don't know when he'll be ready to practice or play.

Wright says the injury dates back to April, and that after grinding through his pre-draft workouts, the best move was to let himself heal. This isn't going to quell any trade rumors, of course, but Wright also told me he signed his rookie contract last night, so whatever happens, he's at least a Warrior for the next 30 days.

I didn't hear about this injury before, so apparently it should be a minor thing. It would have been great to see how he did in the Summer League against the rookies and random scrubs, but I guess we won't have that chance. Even though he says he might play, I doubt he will. He needs to get to 100% before training camp begins so he can start his rookie season off right.

Let's just hope this is a minor injury that doesn't affect him later on in his career and that he isn't injury prone. The last thing we need on this team is another guy who misses 20-30 games a year.

This means one important thing...more time for Notorious POB! Okay maybe not, but I hope we get something out of him this year. At least let him sit on the end of the bench and pick up solid veteran tips from Adonal Foyle, things like how to throw a towel to a player coming off the court, when to cheer, and most importantly, how to pass out Gatorade cups so nothing spills.

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