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Summer League Recap: Warriors 110, Hornets 102

We're about 3 months away from the start of the 2007-2008 NBA season, but that doesn't stop GSoMers from going absolutely nuts. Over 150 comments in an open thread (special thanks to nativeson and J Rich 4 MVP) for a meaningless summer league game? We really do love us some summer leage hoops. Summatime!

The summer league's a promotion for DLeague balla POB.

Our SBN brother Dave from the mighty Blazers Edge is in Vegas right now and caught today's match between the Warriors and Hornets live. Here's his thoughts from the SBN media section:

Most of this game belonged to Marco Belinelli. He looks like a smart player. Very European style. Tough-nosed and aggressive. He absolutely owned the building with an array of one-footed leaning jumpers, three pointers, and even a breakaway dunk or two. He had decent court vision too. The Hornets started doubling him, the ultimate sign of Summer League respect, and he made some nice passes.

Patrick O'Bryant, on the other hand, is going to cause plenty of coaches' veins to bulge. He had difficulty rebounding. He got one board all game that didn't come right to him. He played flat-footed on both ends. He was constantly reaching for balls instead of moving for them. He got used like a cheap hanky by 6'2" Anthony Roberson while defending one on one. His dunk attempts are about as authoritative as a librarian at a Metallica concert. Compare him to a guy like New Orleans' Adam Haluska. Haluska has a motor. He's never still on the floor...always pursuing something. O'Bryant has two hamsters in a wheel. And one of them's sick.

Pierre Pierce displayed some interesting, if somewhat single-minded, offensive ability. Kelenna Azubuike was clearly the most aggressive player on the court. He knows what he's here for. Every Summer League game is available to be dominated and it always surprises me when guys come out passive. Azubuike looked like he wanted to leave an imprint.

Dave will be one of our main GSoM correspondents for the summer league, so make sure to drop him a thank you in the comments or even better on Blazers Edge for the great scouting report.

Whistle while you ball!


Marco... Marco... Marco... POLO! dropped 37 points on 14-20 fg's including 5 from downtown.

Not quite JRich here, but nevertheless a very nice poster picture.

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Photos: Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

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