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Hype Up BD's Posterization on AK47

I wanted to bring to your attention a major travesty my fellow GSoMers. Our friends at Ballhype have been running a Bracketfest of the NBA Season's Best Posterizations and they're down to the final two dunks- Baron Davis' UNSTOPPABLE BABY dunk on Andrei Kirilenko in an unforgettable playoff game for the Golden State Warriors and Ronnie Price's jam on Carlos Boozer in a meaningless regular season game for the Pacific Division doormat Sacramento Kings.

Now I'm not going to minimize the Sactown slam that Price threw down whatsoever (it was simply nasty!), but how in the name of Zarko Cabarkapa can Baron Davis' East Bay Funk Dunk 2007 not win this competition hands down? It was arguably THE dunk of the 2007 playoffs. Look Price's dunk was nice, but I didn't see Stephen Jackson dusting his shoulders off for the slam. I didn't see Mickael Pietrus, Matt Barnes, or Adonal Foyle looking stunned. I didn't see over 20,000 of the league's best fans going NUTS. I also didn't see it on 2 different channels with 2 different sets of announcers losing their cot damn mind:

On ESPN...

On FSN Bay Area...

Unfortunately my fellow We Believers BD's dunk as of this writing shockingly only holds 10% of the 489 votes in this poll- it's getting beat down like the Mavs against the Warriors in the 1st round. The good news is that there's only about 440 Warrior haters + Kings fans + Jazz fans + Mavericks fans out there and there's over 8,000 GSoMers. Please, please vote for Boom Dizzle on this Ballhype Bracketfest. As you know stuffing ballots is our specialty here (just ask our friends at Mavs Moneyball about how scared they were to face the Warriors). To quote the Public Enemy classic- IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK.

We Believe this shouldn't even be a contest.




Vote for BD: Our friends at Sactown Royalty are shaking in their farmer boots and worried silly about us rocking the vote. They already know what we did in their house back in April. Let's do this!

UPDATE (9:10am 7/9/07):

Baron Davis Wins!!

It's another shock the world victory by Warriors Nation. BD's dunk was down 10% to 90%, but with a little We Believe Boom Dizzle came from behind to win it decisively 62% to 38%. The GSoM community is UNSTOPPABLE BABY!

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