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News: Nelson & Warriors Working on a Deal

One more year!

Geoff Lepper at the Contra Costa Times is reporting that the Warriors and Don Nelson are discussing a new contract for him. This is extremely good news. As Summer begins to turn into Fall, I get more anxious about the return of Nellie. He was supposed to have decided if he'd come back in early July, then he was supposed to have decided in late July. It's now August 1st, and he's still not guaranteed to come back. So what the heck is the hold up? Money, of course.

Nelson has two years remaining on the deal he signed in August 2006, with a base salary of $3.1 million per season. The coach also can earn up to $3 million in playoff-based incentives -- he pulled down $2 million last season when the Warriors reached the Western Conference semifinals -- and the negotiations center on guaranteeing those bonuses.

Nellie's in an interesting negotiating position. He knows the team needs him or else it will be a big blow to the team confidence. That would be 3 coaches in 3 years. In my eyes, he doesn't need the Warriors as much as the Warriors need him. I'm sure he wouldn't be hurt if he had nowhere to coach for the rest of his life and had to sit on the beaches of Maui and sip pina coladas all day long. The only problem with that is, it looks like he's got a strong desire to coach and remain in basketball and right now the Warriors are his best opportunity. It's somewhat of a cat and mouse game, but if Cohan knows what's best for the team, he'll bring back Nellie at the increased salary.

What does Baron have to say about the situation?

"It's taking some time, man. Coach means a lot to this organization. He's the leader of this team," said point guard Baron Davis, who remains optimistic Nelson will come back.

If Nelson were not to return, it would be a major upheaval for the team, Davis said. "We're going to have to reconfigure everything."

If Nellie didn't come back this year, and the Warriors have to "reconfigure everything" that could be disastrous. Nellie was arguably the most important piece of last year's playoff team. Without him at the helm, we'd still be in a playoff drought. Where would we go from there? Who would coach?

To steal an idea from Tony.psd, What If Nellie Didn't Return? (cue ominous music)

1)They could go hire Jeff Van Gundy. No no that was a joke. You can't go from top 5 highest scoring team to bottom 5 highest scoring team. I don't think the JVG players are here. Also, we just missed out on PJ Carlesimo. Shoot. Hmmm. Yea not too many options unless of course somebody was promoted from within. OR bring back Super Mario, the coach who was waiting in the wings.

2) In addition to resolving the coaching situation, you might have a player problem on your hands too. I can't see Baron and Jax being too excited about a Nellie-less squad. They could literally implode.

3) And what would happen to Mullin? From the outside looking in, it seems as if Nellie is pulling the strings and Mullin is his apprentice. Nelson would be leaving the apprentice before he mastered the skills. Heck, if Nellie left, Mullin just might offer Pietrus 5 years at 45 million and then re-up Adonal for another 5 years.

Okay, enough with the What if talk, the Warriors have already missed out on KG, we can't miss out on resigning Nellie. He is returning right? Please. Mullin, Cohan and co. make it happen.

What if Nelson leaves? Any predictions for what might happen?

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