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Golden State Warriors Logo Design Concepts (Part 1)

Just an idea... somewhat of a prototype. Let's start with this idea and work up on it... just for kicks. Modeled by Golden State's very own kelenna azubuike  !

I've read a number of diaries posting an unhappiness with the team's current logo design embedded on the Team Jersey's. I really never had a problem with the logo's, I own about 4 Jersey's with the current logo and always wore it with pride. I never looked at it at an artistic stand point to judge whether or not the team needs a new logo.(Who makes those decisions by the way?)

Here at GSoM I've decided to take on the idea of coming up with a new Jersey design, for fun of course. No I'm not going to try and sell the Design to GSW, think of it as a "What if... Our Team Logo's looked like this?" (lol, here I go again!) Ever so often I'll post up different logo idea's (with your feedback of course) and have one of our very own Players model out the Jersey's.

Peep another Logo design and a brief description (of the Jersey Comp above) after the jump...

Throwback GSW Jersey Prototype 1 (pictured above) I've heard em' all about the GSW logo... "Bring the old school City Jersey back ... "Bring back that one with the California State on it ..." or "take the thunderbolt off" and "bring the Run TMC jersey's back!" (or at least that blue color tint) This Jersey's sort of got a mixture of everything...

I really liked the Jersey "Sleepy" Floyd represented (back in the 80's) with the California State rockin' out. So I gave it a try and planted it back into the design. As much as I've heard the annoyance of the thunderbolt, I reinserted it pointing at where the bay resides on the logo with a little star pointing at the bay area... The blue color on the logo is reminiscent of the blue used in the Run TMC/Don Nelson days. I really dig the tint of blue, it goes great with jeans. As much as I wanted to add the Warriors name, I figure I'd try something different and arch it like a circle but not use the whole circle. at least half of it so the State art would rock out and have it spell out the entire "Golden State Warriors" name. The more I worked on this, I realized how "old school" it looked.  These days, when you look at team jerseys, the team name is huge. (That's something I'll try for the next segment, I just wanted to show you how it would look by bringing back past elements) If The Warriors home office looked at this, I'm sure they'd shoot it down, they're lookin' forward in new concepts, not in the past. (sad to say) I'm sure the Warriors logo design will be more bubblier as well... (How about writing out "GSW" like Phonix's PHX ?) You're suggestions and comments are always welcome. This is a work in progress!

GSoM's very own Throwback concept design!

Golden State of Mind Throwback Jersey's anyone? Whether you view it as a concept design or reality, I wouldn't mind trying to get this made. I'd definitely  rock this everywhere, especially the Oracle! The design pokes at the classic City design but with the GSoM title in the forefront. I did it for kicks and how often do peeps draw Golden State's very own Kelenna Azubuike  ?

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