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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Josh Powell

With the Josh Powell "going to the Clippers" rumors flying, I thought posting his report card would be appropriate for the Clippers' scouts. We didn't get to see much of JP this year because his playing time was limited to under 10 minutes per game. He averaged 3.5 points and 2.3 rebounds which equated to about 17.5 points and 11.5 rebounds per 48 minutes. I really don't think the stats per 48 minutes are that relevant but it's always interesting to see how they project. Anyways, I always thought Nellie should play him more since he's a big semi-athletic guy who can shoot the mid-range jumper. But then I have to question a big man who can't get any playing time on a team that sorely needed another big man to step up. So, while it was difficult to grade this throw in piece that came in the Stephen Jackson-Al Harrington heist, we did our best to make it happen.

Rumor has it that he's great friends with Adonal Foyle as the two of them were caught hanging out quite a bit on the end of the bench talking politics.

The grades after the jump...

Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: C
On a team lacking big bodies, Powell initially seemed like he could be a contributor. But despite his size and hustle, he spent too much time outside of the key and got pushed around on defense. His mid-range jumper is sweet, but he needs to bulk up to make it in the league. He'll be cheap next year so he might still be worth a gamble, if Nellie is willing to give him another chance.

Fun Score: 3
Gets 2 points for not being Troy Murphy..

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: C
We really didn't get to see much from POWell this season, but those few times he did play I liked what I saw. He has a nice midrange jumper, hustles on D, and is a tough forward. I'm not sure why Nellie didn't give him more burn. Maybe he didn't practice hard? This one still puzzles me.

Fun Score: 0

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: B-
I would have liked to see more of JP just because he seemed to have a great work ethic, solid outside shooting, and one of the few muscular builds on this team. He probably deserves an incomplete too.

Fun Score: 5

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: D
On a team that desperately needs a big man to step up and rebound, this guy can't crack the rotation even for a few minutes? That's troubling. When he did get time, Powell looked like he had a nice mid-range jumper, but he didn't seem to work hard enough out there. The desire just didn't seem to be there to be a good rebounder. Hopefully this offseason, he works on his rebounding and hustle.

Fun Score: 3


Grade: B
I gotta tell you, there's some raw potential in Josh Powell's game! Unfortunately, most of it came out during garbage time, but I think we can have the makings of a solid player here. I hope to see Nellie incorporate Powell a little more into his gameplan next year. There's a possibility of a breakout year for Powell.

Fun Score: 7
I liked what I saw! There simply was no opportunity to see more.


Grade: C
I'm actually a fan. The times he was in the game he was productive. He plays with a lot of hustle and is a poor man's "janitor" - who would have thought? .

Fun Score: 4

Overall Grade: C

So I was looking for Powell highlights on YouTube, but couldn't find any. The only one I found was a little pre-game dance party with Kelenna, Pietrus, Thunder, and Powell.

What grade would you give Josh Powell, dancing machine?

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