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BREAKING NEWS: Foyle Parts Ways with Warriors.

Sacrifice is often considered a gesture of courage.  We honor, if not idolize, those that give more than they receive.  Jesus: the man who died for our sins (just as an example, I'm not proselytizing anyone).  Optimus Prime: Stepping in front of Megatron’s lasers to save Hot Rod in the ORIGINAL animated Transformers the Movie.  T-101 in Terminator 2: Arnold Schwarzenegger as robot ensured the existence of the resistance and managed to be John O’Connor’s surrogate father.  Our histories are filled with great men, women and robots who’s sacrifices have given us the future that we enjoy today.  Another person to add to this increasing large list is Adonal Foyle.  

Foyle might have played for more coaches and with more teammates than Chris Gatling

Adonal Foyle and the Warriors have agreed to a contract buyout, the terms have not yet been announced.  For the benefit of our team, Foyle has agreed to move on and create an open roster spot to add younger, more skilled players.  Foyle’s career is best characterized by sacrifice.  From losing 25 pounds for Nellieball that he never really experienced to providing some great mentorship to the bigs in the pipeline (over the years--Biedrins, POB to name a few…haha), Foyle continued to give and give to this organization.  You could even say he gave up minutes so other players could play.  

Foyle and his lucrative shoe deals. Either that or he collects the shoes of those that have dunked on him.

We all know that fans are ambivalent about another one of Mullin’s controversial, yet intriguing summer moves.  Mullin seems to be rescinding his claims two years ago of creating a foundation in getting rid of those awful contracts he gave out.  Foyle, a recipient of one of Mullin’s biggest blunders as a GM, was a holdover from dark ages of Warrior basketball and it’s a little surprising that one of the worst players on the team (career averages of 4.4 ppg, 5.0 rpg, and 1.7bpg, .000 on 3s) outlasted Antawn Jamison, Larry Hughes, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Dunleavy (thank god), Troy Murphy, and JRich in their stays in the beautiful Bay Area.

Known for his mentoring, Foyle shows Dun the veteran move of showing the 'disappointed' face after another tough loss.

Yet, we can’t deny Foyle’s work in promoting more active participatory citizenship in political participation with his organization "Democracy Matters."  He’s a thoughtful guy (poetry) who always had witty punchlines for sports writers.  I still remember after the game where he got dunked on horribly by Amare, he responded with something along the lines of "I gave my body up for science."  For an awesome collection of Adonal vs. Stoudemire clips set to Hall and Oates "One on One," check it out:

Yet, drafting players based on excellent community service and good grades doesn’t win championships in the NBA (not that being dumb does).  How often (besides when Warriors go to draft) do you hear announcers justify the pick by saying, "This was a great pickup at the #8 spot in the draft. X players fills Y teams biggest need: community service!"  Foyle hardly progressed as a player; check the stats for proof.  We all know he had hands of stone (though Mark Blount might think otherwise in this picture below).

Who still thinks Foyle doesn't have good hands?

All the dropped passes might have cost Baron Davis the assist crown last season. Its quite evident that his jump shot didn’t improve either.  Aside from the hall of fame outlet passing, he made you wonder if he even wanted to play basketball.

Foyle got his scouting report from The Wall Street Journal

Through thick and thin, Foyle rarely complained (as if he had a right to).  In a way, I’m glad he was able to taste the playoffs last year.  Where he ends up though, GSoM wishes him the best and for his loyalty (damn his loyalty) for those years of great service work and being "(un)stoppable baby!"  To remember Foyle, we present you with a few more of our favorite Foyle moments. Thank you Foyle, for all the memories.
Does the NBA Cares program really care if Foyle is training kids how to dribble?

Foyle let nothing get past him, except maybe a few nice passes

After crossing up Marion, Foyle flips up a floater

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