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Brandan Write

Our top draft pick has picked up a writing gig on AOL Sports. He's got his own blog now called, "The Wright Stuff". It's fun to read up on what he's been up to in the past couple months. He seems optimistic about the coming year and it looks like he's going to display some more athleticism that we didn't get to see as much at UNC.

Excited to Ball By the Bay

When the Warriors made the trade to acquire me, it said a lot, because they gave up a lot in Jason Richardson just to get me. It shows that they really wanted me, and I think I'll fit in well. They run a wide-open, up-tempo offense, so I don't think I'll be tied to one position. And I think I'll be able to do a lot of different things for the team. For instance, I think I'll be able to step outside a lot more than I did last year at North Carolina. It's exciting.

I'm excited to move out to Oakland and get settled in a new part of the country, but I'm not really familiar with the Bay Area at all. I was there for a few days after being introduced by the team, but that's about it. When I move out there, I think someone from my family or a friend will live with me, but that's not definite.
We call Oakland home, but I wonder what it's going to be like for a 19 year old moving far, far away from home. In fact, both him and Marco will have to adjust to the different style of life in the Bay.

Go check out the rest of BWright's blog and get to know the top draft pick.

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