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GSoM Night II - WE GSOM!

Last week, I dropped a couple hints about the sequel to the original GSoM Night. We're stepping it up a notch with the help of GSoM friend and Warriors group ticket sales representative, Chris Murphy. He hooked it up last year, and he's going to make sure it's even better this year. Last year we had 350 GSoM people buy tickets to the game. That's just a crazy amount of people. This year, we're looking to increase that number and increase our presence inside the arena. We couldn't have done it without all of you last year, and we can't do it without all of you this year. Represent the GSoM family.

Before I get to the details, let me tell you this, GSoM Night was the most fun I've ever had at a regular season Warrior game. Hands down, no doubt about it. Let's make GSoM Night 2 top the first one. So without further ado, here are all the details for GSoM Night 2:

1) When is it?
Opening night vs Utah - Tuesday, October 30
Sorry to everyone who can't make it that night, but c'mon it's opening night! I've never been to an opening night before, so to spend it with all of you will make my first opening night special.

2) Courtside Shootaround - NO MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE
Just like last year we'll be able to go down courtside around 6p to watch the players warm up. Unless you're ballin out of control, rarely do you ever get to see the players up close and personal.

3) Free GSoM Night T-shirts
Remember the free We Believe t-shirts the Warriors gave out during the playoffs? Well we're bringing that back but with some GSoM flavor. Everyone who purchases a ticket through GSoM gets a free t-shirt designed by our very own Tony.psd. WE GSOM!

4) GSoM Raffle
More free stuff! You want some free Warriors merchandise? How about some free Warriors memorabilia? Or how do free tickets to future games sound? Well we're giving all that away in a GSoM raffle! All you have to do is buy a ticket for GSoM Night 2 and be present at the time of the raffle to have a chance to win.

5) High 5's in the Tunnel (16 & under)
How cool is this?! During player introductions, 20 randomly chosen people aged 16 and under will get to stand in the tunnel and high 5 the Warrior players as they get introduced. I wish I was 16 just so I could do this.

6) Jumbotron Love
Just like last year, they're going to zoom to our section and put us up on the Jumbotron during the game. When that happened last year, we went bananas and showed the rest of the crowd what GSoM is all about. Expect more of the same this year.

7) Family Friendly Section
We have always said that this is a family friendly site, and we intend to maintain that across our GSoM Nights. This year, we're setting up a family friendly fan section and a rabid Warriors fan section. The sections will still be next to each other, but we can give the families with young kids their own space while the rabid fans (like me!) can go crazy in our section too.

8) At least 500 of your GSoM friends
We're looking to build on last year's success and are looking to sell at least 500 of these tickets. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, facebook or myspace friends and anyone else you can think of about GSoM Night 2. We'll rock the house. No doubt.

Allright enough of the excitement, I know you just want to order the tickets now. But let me tell you one last thing. For individual game tickets, the general public can usually buy them starting in mid-September to early October. We're not the general public. Through GSoM, you can order your tickets for opening night today, not a month from now like the general public. If you didn't get season tickets but want to attend opening night, we've got you covered. There are 500 guaranteed tickets to be sold to the GSoM faithful. Hurry up and get your tickets before the general public has a chance to purchase them. Now, here's how you get your tickets.

Just like last year, our boy Chris Murphy of the Warriors is in charge of tickets.

Cost: $30 (regularly $35)
Seat Location: Club 200 - Sections 205-212 and if we fill that up 221-228

There are 2 ways to order:
2) Email Chris:
3) Download, print, and mail the GSoM Night 2 flyer

Tony.psd has been gracious enough to provide graphics for GSoM Night 2 and will be designing the GSoM Night 2 t-shirt that will be handed out for free at the game. As something to whet your appetite, Tony's hooked up some hot desktop wallpaper. All of us are using it already.

1280x800 | 1440x900

Comments or questions? Leave'em in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.

I'll see you at the game!

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