When J-rich revisits the Oracle

thewarriorsrule posted a diary a while ago with an idea to thank jason richardson for everything he has done for the warriors with a news paper ad. After much discussion, some of us have decided that a scoreboard message or a giant hand written banner would be a more realistic way to thank him when he comes to the arena during a warriors vs bobcats game. I (and others) think this is a great idea but his diary is not getting much attention anymore, so i thought id refresh it with new ideas (im not taking credit though). optionzero i guess u can delete this if u feel its necessary, but i just wanted to say that i think this topic is worthy of the front page of gsom.

the scoreboard message costs $100, but not to fear. read thankyoujrich's comment. (the message is too big so i cant officially quote it)

"we already have 100 for scoreboard message!
Hey folks,

I am the creator of and after seeing so much traffic at the site over the last few days came to see what was happening.  

A few days after the trade, the traffic on our site died to a trickle and people stopped posting comments so it seemed as if people were just no longer interested.  So it's great to see JRich fans are still inspired to show jason our appreciation.  

Although we have not come close to being able to donate a full page ad to jason, we have already raised over 100 dollars so we could use that money to buy a scoreboard message.  This is an amazing idea, by the way, and the person who thought of it deserves much credit for their creative ingenuity.  

I was contemplating refunding the money to the original donors and have until the end of this month to decide whether or not to process refunds without paying a fee to paypal.  But if folks are still interested to get this going and think a scoreboard thank you is more realistic, I don't think the donors would mind having their money spent on that idea instead.  

If you guys are really serious about this, I can be reached directly at and if the response is good, I'll work on getting the site up on its own domain.  

When we got the site up, we established a contact at the Oakland tribune who is willing to help us generate publicity.  But there has to be enough buzz on our end in order to make that happen.  

I am very open to collaborating on the project.  I lost my partner to other ventures after the buzz died and can not spend all of my time aintaining the site, so if there's some artists or web masters out there who would like to help, let me know.

travis simpson"

so we have one of two options (feel free to add more)

  1. we could use travis' $100 towards the scoredboard message. the problem is, those messages show up between halftime and the end of the game. If you have ever been to a warriors game you will notice that they show the messages either during halftime while the players are in the lockerroom, or during a timeout when the players must listen to coaches. therefore, it might be tough to get jason to see the message (unless mayube we made tons of noise)
  2. we create a HUGE banner that wraps around at least a little less than half the arena or whatever, and present it during warmups. Jason will be sure to see it, and unlike most players, i dont think he will just ignore us.
so optionzero that would great if this was put on the front page for more serious discussion, or if u think its useless, then you can delete it.

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