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Warriors Official Schedule Announced

The NBA announced the Warriors official season schedule today. The Warriors officially start the season on October 30 against the team that knocked us out of the playoffs, the Utah Jazz. Interesting choice by the league to put us head to head against the team that knocked us out. I would have thought we could open against Dallas on national tv to embarrass them even more. I guess that won't happen. Now Utah has a chance to show everyone that we still lack the inside presence to deal with the big bangers. Let's hope the season gets started on the right foot as opposed to last year when a Kobe-less Lakers brought out the whooping stick.

This year, the Warriors are slated to appear in 10 nationally televised games (TNT and ESPN) while also appearing on NBA tv 9 times. So, what are some key games I'd like to attend?

October 30 vs Utah
November 8 vs Dallas (TNT)
December 5 vs Milwaukee (Yiii)
December 7 vs Miami (The return of Pietrus?)
January 13 vs Indiana (standing O for Dun Dun)
February 1 vs Charlotte (standing O for Jrich)
February 20 vs Boston (How are the big 3 doing?) Any game vs Phoenix (110 point minimum per team) Any game vs LA Lakers Any game vs Portland (Oden may be boring, but I'm intrigued) Any game vs Seattle (Durant will be ROY)

I'm looking forward to it. Just 3 months away until Utah comes back. Let's do it.

Which games are you looking forward to and if you could only attend one game which one would that be?

Thanks to raymondtee for originally posting this, 2007-2008 Warriors Schedule Released

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