Signings: Perovik Signed Wed. /Croshere - today

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"The Warriors will get no such break on their deal with the 7-2, 240-pound Perovic, who was selected 38th overall two summers ago and signed off Wednesday on his deal."

"Duffy said the contract "shows a commitment to (Perovic)." It's believed Perovic will receive approximately $5 million over three years, although $1 million of that will go toward Perovic's buyout from his European club, Partizan Belgrade. The total buyout was $1.5 million; the Warriors, per league regulations, are allowed to pick up only $500,000 of that tab."


"Ten-year veteran forward Austin Croshere was expected to sign with Golden State on Thursday afternoon, a team source said. And the Warriors have inked 2006 draft pick Kosta Perovic to a multiyear deal, according to Perovic's agent, Bill Duffy."

by streetballer on Thu Aug 02, 2007 at 09:36:19 PM EDT


[Moderator's Note, by OptionZero] HERE are his career numbers.

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